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C programming library providing a virtual i386 running in protected mode.

About C/C++
This site features tips, tutorials and information for C (and C++) students and programmers.

Association of C and C++ Users: ACCU
Non-profit organization devoted to professionalism at all levels of C, C++, Java. Community of professional programmers, compiler suppliers, anyone interested in these languages and/or seeking to improve skills. Excellent resource.

A static analyzer analyzes reactive, critical, real-time programs written in the C programming language and looks for runtime errors. All possible errors are detected by the analyzer, with minimal "false alarms".

Barry, Patrick - Pat's Programming
A site dedicated to game programming using the C programming language. Programs with sources: Cards, Pacman Clone, Space games; Draw image editor. Serial communications library. Hidden Treasures PRG project.

Better String Library
A safe and fast string library. It's buffer overflow and aliasing safe, high performance. The library includes a robust C++ wrapper that uses overloaded operators and rich constructors to make the CBstring struct a natural and powerful string abstraction.

C,C++ source code examples for games,graphics and sound.

C C++ Users Journal
Source code of basic and advance C language.Good for not only new users but also technical users see it and use it.

C Code Fragments and Snippets
A small online repository containing; c code fragments, snippets and examples, some basic programs and general documentation all regarding GNU/Linux system administration and C programming.

C Elements of Style
Programming books,information, and columns.

C For Swimmers
Helps master C Programming language - step by step. Source code examples. FAQs.

C Module Viewer (CMV)
A small and smart programming tool that supports software engineering under C in the subjects modularity, overview and navigation (for Windows 9x/NT/2000). By Ezer Programmings.

C++ and Java SIG
Special Interest Group of the New York PC Users Group, meets on first Thursday of each month in N.Y. City, presents speakers on object-oriented development.

Problem: C was designed as a programming language, not as a compiler target language. C is suboptimal in the latter role. The Need: define a language designed as a portable target (assembly) language; replace C as target language used by compiler writers. Several implementations.

CC Shell
Allows C source files to be directly executed as scripts (using #!), speeding development and simplifying maintenance.

C compiler for 6502 based systems; direct library support (startup/initialization code) and support libraries for Commodore C64/C128, C16, C116, Plus/4, 600/700 families of computers, Apple II, Atari 8-bit systems. [Freeware]

Acts as a caching pre-processor to C/C++ compilers, which often results in a 5 to 10 times speedup in common compilations. [Open Source, GPL]

A superset of C interpreter by SoftIntegration, Inc. It is the most complete C interpreter and an alternative to C compiler.

Combex, Inc.
Developing capability secure distributed computing systems, prototype desktop via DARPA research grant; personnel represent most of E expertise from over $11M of R&D effort over 6 years. Descriptions, papers, contacts, personnel.

Cosmic Software
Provides C cross development tools and services to embedded systems engineers using microcontrollers from Infineon, Motorola and STMicroelectronics. Tools include IDE, ANSI Compilers, Simulators and real-time debuggers.

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