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Provide COM/DLL components to convert PDF to XML, PDF to text, MS Word to text, PowerPoint to text, Excel to text, Excel to xml, Excel to CSV.

DC Micro Development, Inc.
Home of html++ CGI Class Library andThe Crusher! Data Compression Toolkits. Crusher is a library of 45+ routines for buffer/file compression, archiving,encryption, self-extracting exe's and more. html++ is a C++ class library that automates many of the most difficult aspects of dynamic web pages, and more scalable than Perl.Features include CGI (common gateway interface)and forms processing, cookies, nested tables, dynamic web pagegeneration, HTML output, and more. Cross-platform development libraries for C/C++ and Visual Basic. Products include libraries for data compression, TCP/IP protocols, dynamic html emission, and help authoring software.

Home of free dll files! Thousands of dll file downloads available at no charge. Download the file you need today!. A collection of over 700 DLL files.

DoneEx Software
Software tools for developing desktop applications, including: DoneEx AppBinder ActiveX - allows launch DOS or Win32 console programs from application and to capture the standard input and output data streams of launched program; DoneEx AppBinder DLL - help organize data exchange between program and any other programs which use the standard input/output streams; DoneEx INI-File Manager Library - allows manipulate with INI-file by the easiest way.

Greenleaf Software
RS-232 serial communications library - CommLib, ViewComm protocol analyzer, serial communications libraries like CommLib, ActiveX controls like CommX, protocol analyzer and RS-232 data monitors. Serial communications libraries, components and tools.

Hunny Software
Hunny Software provides toolkits for email and messaging projects in C, C++, .NET, and Java. MIME tool kits for C++ and Java, .Net.

OptiVec: Libraries for Engineering and Science
Comprehensive vector and matrix library - in total more than 3500 hand-optimized functions written in Assembler for superior speed and accuracy. OptiVec offers more than 3000 Assembler-written vector, matrix and complex math functions for PC language compilers, 2-3 times faster than compiled code.

Serial communication libraries, drivers, and DLLs for all Windows and MS DOS that include Zmodem, Xmodem, and Ymodem file transfer protocols, as well as full modem control. Nine bit and Multidrop protocol for RS232, RS485, & RS422 serial communication supported. Multiport serial card (RS232, RS485, RS422) & Wireless RS232.

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