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Abdolhaleem, Mohamad Hasan
C++ programming in Arabic and other computer and civil engineering articles.

Abhijith, HN - ProZone
A collection of projects carried out as part of VTU curriculam. Resume.

Abraham, Binny V.
About. Free source code of programs in languages like C++, Perl, Javascript. Also music, games.

Alexandrescu, Dragosh
Web development resources, computer programming and IT issues hosted along with photo galleries, forums and discussion boards.

Ambattu, Thomas Kurian - Netkidoos
Tutorials and articles on network security, information security, VC++, C++, .NET.

Anantha, J. S.
Personal information, work (Java programming), favourite quotes.

Anar, Kivanc Hikmet
Web site of a software developer; Resume, portfolio, photos, information about programming languages, free source codes, free software, tutorials, hobbies.

Anton, Richard
Home page of a software developer including free source code and links to programming resources.

Aris, Azwandi Mohd
A personal weblog.

Austin, James - ASP and JavaScript
About. Tutorials and code snippets on ASP and JavaScript programming.

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