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Programming portal and search tool. Plus a wide range of examples, tutorials and industry news.

ASP.NET Interview Questions
A list of all frequently asked ASP.NET Interview Questions

BigProf Software
Contains PHP and C source code and resources for programmers. Offers tools for free download.

Bluestone Lab
E-books available in pdf format on .Net, ASP, XML and C#.

BURKS Online
Free version of very low cost 4 CD-ROM set for computer science students. Has libraries, compilers, tutorials, extensive reference material for over 24 languages, 13,000+ entry computing dictionary, a Linux distribution.

Cataloged Collection of Annotated Examples
A free-to-use comparitive resource, for programmers and non-programmers, containing complete sample code, well commented, for many different languages.

Code Box
Tutorials on several languages (Assembly, C/C++, Java, Perl, PHP, Visual Basic), discussion forums on each, general forum, news, survey, holds quarterly programming contests. In English, despite .sk domain.

Code-Source: The Source for Code
Source code repository. Algorithms with various language versions of code. Open source, free for all.

CodeAssist Dot-Com
community and discussion and news for professional programmers. Collections code snippets for XML, Java, VB, ASP, SQL, C#.

CodePedia - the online encyclopedia for developers by developers! CodePedia makes it easy for you to find what you need, as well as allowing anyone to add new pages and modify existing ones to create the ultimate online development resource. Programming languages, web development, computer science resources.
Ideas, tips, useful information on programming, graphics, games via C++, Flash, HTML, Java, PHP, Turing, Visual Basic. Links to tutorials, other interesting sites.

Create super selling sales pages using this freeware
Create super selling, killer sales pages using this freeware sales page generator wizard software.

Cyber Victory
Programming related articles, C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal code examples.

Dev Builder
Free ASP code examples, PHP, Javascript, Forum, ASP Usenet and much more. Offers forum, articles and news section.

Thousands of components, samples, applications for Delphi, .NET, Java, Visual Basic, Kylix developers. Free downloads, top lists, tools, forums, books, links and much more. Hundreds of reviewed components, samples, applications for Delphi, Visual Basic, Visaul C++ developers. Also free downloads, top lists, tools, forums.

News, articles and reference resource for developers interested in core technology topics.

Developer Fusion
Developer Fusion : The developer community for the UK. Thousands of free tutorials, articles, source code, components and source code for Visual Basic, ASP, .NET, C++, C#, XML, PHP, Web and Java programmers. Tutorials and source code for VB, ASP, PHP, XML, SQL Server, C#, C++, Perl developers. ActiveX controls, reviews, discussion forum. offers daily news, articles, and tutorials for professional involved in the development of applications and other technical solutions. Daily coverage includes articles, tutorials, news and other resources related to all facets of development. Provides link directory, technical articles, news, forum, and online books for Java, Linux, JavaScript, Perl, ActiveX, Visual Basic, HTML, DHMTL, XML, ColdFusion, C and C++. - developer resource
Development articles, news, code snippets and a community forum to answer questions.
Your Resource for Web Development and Programming. Tutorials and Resources Include C++, C#, PHP, HTML, XML, CSS, Java, Perl, ColdFusion, and Flash. Articles and tutorials for web developers and programmers. Also forums, resources.

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