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Assistive Speech Technology Research Labs
Minnesota based research startup. Exploring possibilities for people with disabilities through the research of speech technology.

Applied Voice Input/Output Society, a professional membership organization. Provides resources to the speech community that will help create quality applications of advanced speech technology. The Applied Voice Input/Output Society (AVIOS) is a research group dedicated to "real world" applications using speech technology.

Centre for Speech Technology Research
A multidisciplinary research centre that undertakes application-oriented speech research mainly in the areas of speech recognition and synthesis. Has implemented useful software, like the Festival speech synthesis system. Interested in collaborating with outside academic or industrial partners.

IHear Machine Hearing Research
Services, products and information to enable hearing in machines as a foundation for speech and music. Services, products and information to enable hearing in machines. Includes some demos and details of models of complex sound pattern recognition.

Mathematical Modeling of Prosody
Prosody Research. A tutorial on intonation modeling and prosody, along with research papers and results.

Media Analyzer
Carl Verner Skou markets a Windows based research tool, Qualitative Media Analyze, that helps tabulate occurrences of phrases and themes in audio and video file formats avoiding the need for manual transcription.

"Negotiating through SPOken Language in E-commerce" project aims at contributing to the promotion of economic growth in the e-commerce and e-service area by improving speech to speech translation systems. Italian based research project has European and American participants.

Pfstar Project
European research consortium investigating multisensorial interaction. Two year project examining technologies for speech-to-speech translation, the detection and expressions of emotional states, and core speech technologies for children begins Oct 2002.

Spoken Language Technology at TIFR
Recognition and synthesis of spoken Indian languages at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research. Speech workshop scheduled for Jan 2003.

STTS S???dermalms talteknologiservice
STTS Södermalms talteknologiservice. Specializes in research and development in speech and language technology, computational linguistics. Based in Stockholm.

TC-STAR Project:
TC-STAR Project, Technology and Corpora for Speech to Speech Translation, Contract no.: FP6-506738, funded by EC. Technology and corpora for speech to speech translation project - includes information and details on the project, partners, public documents and news.

Univ. Of Pennsylvania Speech Resource
The Linguistic Data Consortium is an international non-profit supporting language-related education, research and technology development by creating and sharing linguistic resources including data, tools and standards. Linguistic Data Consortium - an open consortium of labs, companies and universities. It creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons, and other resources for speech research and development purposes. Founded by ARPA 1992.

Voice Web Community
Voice Web Community is the premier resource for understanding the speech industry's solution to voice access to the Internet. Directory of sites, content, and user groups promoting voice on the web from VoiceXML to SALT.

VoiceXML Italian User Group
VoiceXML Italian User Group. Developers exchange information, solutions, read news and meet other developers and people interested in Voice and Speech recognition technology. Mixed English/Italian site.

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