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Applied Technologies on Language and Speech: IberVox ASR
Barcelona based firm offering speech recognition, TTS and VoiceXML products for Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, and the varieties of Spanish spoken in Latin America.

enCue Communications
Deploys Microsoft speech server technology focused on three software solutions and product areas: the Internet, mobile reach and call centre/cnterprise interfaces. Based South Africa.

Game Commander: Speech recognition (voice command and control) for games.
Speech recognition (voice command and control) for games. Use voice commands to send keystrokes to Windows games. Speaker independent (no training required) voice control software for Windows games replaces keystrokes with voice commands for popular games. Template files, patches, message boards, downloads, free trial version.

Grover Industries Voice Recognition software .
voice recognition software. Provides command and control applications for internet and desktop contexts.

Guardian Business Solutions
Providing voice and wireless technology to manufacturing, distribution, and warehouse management applications. Quality solutions through speech technology. Warehouse applications using voice, wireless, and wearable technologies to provide automation and productivity solutions for warehouse management, distribution, and manufacturing systems. Partnered with Syvox.

HandHeld Speech
Site sells a large-vocabulary continuous speech recognizer that runs on a PDA. Current offering (free beta download) is a voice enabled address book for Win 95, Win 98, Win NT, Win CE, Pocket PC.

Home Automated Living and HAL.
HAL2000 is the Operating System for the Home. With HAL running on your PC, you can control all the systems of your home, including lights, devices, appliances, home theatre - audio/video, security, climate, telephone and the Internet - from anywhere in the world - by VOICE or the web! Home Automated Living is the winner of numerous industry awards including the Consumer Electronics Association "Innovations Award" honoring product excellence in design and engineering. Products include HALbasic, HALdeluxe, HAL2000, HALpro, HAL Digital Music Center, HAL Voice Portal, and HALvoices.

IMSI Software
IMSI is a leading developer and publisher of precision design, graphics and business productivity software including TurboCAD, DesignCAD, Hiaack, and Instant Design product lines and other graphics utilities. IMSI Utilities Group licenses IBM ViaVoice technology to produce their own line of "VoiceDirect" dictation software.

Leverage the power and simplicity ofNatural Language in your applications.
Simplis, Inc, provides a Java based "natural language" speech recognition interface designed to simplify access to existing programs and web applications.

Media Management
20/20 Speech develops and supplies proprietary speech recognition and text to speech software products and solutions for portable devices and media management applications such as subtitle generation or synchronization of video to legal dispositions.

Mobilethink provides advanced device management solutions to mobile operators, service providers and handset manufacturers around the world. Danish startup specializing in developing mobile phone speech solutions that are integrated with Internet information systems.

An unusual compendium of insider knowledge about Dragon Systems NaturallySpeaking speech recognition products. Downloadable utilities, tips for improved usage as well as a detailed, programmer oriented explanation of techniques for adding extended macro capabilities using Python code and custom grammar files. Generally oriented towards versions 4.0 and lower but still insightful for later versions. Hosted by Synapse Adaptive, provider of a wide range of assistive technologies.

Philips Speech Processing
Worldwide provider of speech recognition solutions for telephony, voice portals, automotive and consumer embedded systems, medical and legal dictation with multi-lingual capabilities. SDK's available for inclusion of speech recognition in business systems.

ScanSoft - The leading supplier of speech and imaging solutions.
Acquired Lernout & Hauspie, Dragon Systems speech recognition and synthesis resources and products. Also known for digital imaging products.

Speech and Handwriting Recognition for Wireless
Advanced Recognition Technologies, Inc. - designs, develops and distributes speech and handwriting recognition software products and technologies focusing on embedded software for cellular devices, mobile communicators, and PDAs.

Speech Recognition.Net is the Internet's Premiere source ofinformation for companies interested in implementing speech and voice recognition technologies within their businesses as well as for end-users. It serves also as a . A speech technology brokering firm bringing together suppliers of speech technology products, start-ups, merger candidates, funding sources, marketing or outsourcing services.

Speech Technology Center
Speech Technology Center : noise cancellation, noise reduction, DSP board, embedded solutions, voice identification, audio restoration, anti - terrorist. Russian organization providing unusual variety of speech processing products and services for research and development, speech recognition, voice verification, speaker identification, noise reduction in speech signals, noise cancellation, forensic examination, audio analysis, logging and communication channel protection.

SpeechTEK - Discover the possibilities of speech.
Online edition of the magazine, plus information on an annual 'SpeechTEK' speech technology business exposition.

TalkingDesktop Speech Recognition Software.
Talking Desktop markets talking and listening software that makes your computer come alive. Speech recognition, natural language requests, internet news & weather, dictation, web surfing, Email, mp3 player, web cams, stock ticker & character animation. Imagine your computer asking you to connect to the internet or check for Email and you say YES. Wouldn't it be great to have your computer greet you as you approach and recite your schedule. Well stop imagining, we do this now !. Speech recognition, text-to-speech software transforms a Windows computer into a conversational desktop companion. Provides dictation, web navigation, voice email, web cams, on-line news, weather maps, stock ticker, X10 home automation, MP3 music player, 3D avatar, disabilities features. Project in progress.

TMA Associates - Speech Recognition News and Conference.
Speech recognition (voice recognition, ASR), text-to-speech, and speaker verification news, market analysis, Telephony VUI conference, and consulting. TMA Associates publishes Speech Recognition Update, an industry newsletter on the business, products, markets, and companies in speech recognition, text-to-speech, and speaker verification. The site contains headlines and recent news, as well as descriptions of TMA conferences and market studies in speech recognition.

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