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FCS Robotics
A manufacturer and supplier of the HapticsMASTER, a high-performance interface.

Force-Feedback (Immersion)
Immersion: haptic interface products and tactile feedback technology featuring the virtual glove, intravenous catheterization and force feedback technologies. Immersion Corporation's Force Feedback systems. Immersion makes the haptic mouse, high quality haptic joysticks and a haptic laparoscopic surgery simulation device.

Offers devices for high-end applications and research, as well as custom solutions for the industry.

Haptics-e is an electronic journal for haptics research.

MIT Touchlab
The MIT Touchlab is a aims to understand human haptics, develop machine haptics, and enhance human-machine interactions in virtual reality systems.

Novint Technologies
Specializes in haptics applications for medical, oil/gas, automotive, and mass market fields.

PHANTOM Users' Research Symposium
PURS is a meeting for haptics researchers held in Europe.

ReachIn Technologies
ReachIn Technologies produce integrated haptic and graphic systems. They make display systems and produce the haptic and graphic API Magma.

SensAble Technologies
SensAble Technologies - a world leading provider of innovative, touch-based applications and tools. Core markets include 3D product design and development companies as well as research and academic institutions. SensAble enables companies to completely transform the way they create and manufacture products, dramatically compressing time-to-market, without sacrificing design quality and artisanship. PHANTOM haptics devices and GHOST API allow users to touch and manipulate 3D data.

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