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3D Chat Virtual Universe - the virtual reality environment software for everybody. People can meet, interact with each other, build houses and whole worlds within a three-dimensional space.

3D Virtual Reality Chat at its finest. Create your own 3D world, chat with others in Virtual Reality environments created by others and much more. 3D virtual reality chat plugin software and servers. Design worlds, chat with friends, play games.

ACTIVE WORLDS official distributor - Hosting service specialized in virtual and active worlds and bots - Active Worlds ressources- free backdrops - free RWX and COB models - free textures - Active Worlds Citizenship - 3D. Active Worlds resource for visiting or creating your own virtual world: hosting, textures, 3D objects, avatars, skyboxes, tutorials.

Atmosphere Infopool
Explore and develop Web3D, Virtual Reality and Cyberspace with Adobe Atmosphere and other 3D Tools. Free Downloads, News, Reviews, 3-D Objects, Textures, Animations, Games and Tutorials for Entertainment, Commerce, Learning and Edutainment with Interactive 3D Multimedia. Adobe Atmosphere resources: tutorials, tips, galleries of worlds, avatars, scripts, objects, and sounds. In German and English.

AtmoWire - Adobe Atmosphere Complete Resource Site. Adobe Atmosphere tutorials, resources, directory, reviews, and news.

AW Europe
AW-Europe offers you 3D Internet using Activeworlds technology. Enter for free as a tourist, chat with others for free and learn how to build your own 3D place on the web. An official distributor of Activeworlds technology in Europe with 3D environments for both business and home use.

Contact Consortium
A research and trade association for virtual worlds, avatars, virtual community. Organizer of yearly Avatars conference.

A popular and long-running web-based multiuser world, using VRML and Blaxxun browser software. Chat, and use objects.

DigitalSpace Corporation
Architecting the New Cyberspace. Software and world development company. Also home to Traveler online community.

Dreamland Park
Explore, Chat, and Build a community inthis shareware virtual reality chat software!. Explore, chat, and build a community using Active Worlds software.

A Blaxxun Contact-based 3D multi-user chat community. Users can create worlds or hold a community job.

Immersive Systems, Inc.
Home of Meme: extensible networked virtual reality software.

Lucidspace 3D Community
A collection of multiuser VRML worlds (requires IE with Blaxxun Contact plugin) and forums.

Virtual 3D chat online world Roomancer(rose):Free!Create own interactive virtual 3D avatars,facial expressions,virtual decorating of unique 3D chat rooms,create 3D chat online home,3D chat with friend. 3D chat world. Customizable avatars with facial expression. Users can chat, build and furnish a house, listen to music, share files. Can be integrated with external tools.

A site running several DigitalSpace Traveler worlds.

Second Life
An online society within a 3D world where you can explore, build, socialize, and participate in their own economy.

Virtual Object System / Internet Virtual Reality
VOS is a free software infrastructure for distributed object-oriented programming. The primary application for VOS is a multiuser virtual environment run by many interconnected clients and servers. . A software infrastructure for distributed object-oriented programming. The primary application for VOS is a multiuser virtual environment run by many interconnected clients.

Virtual Worlds Review
A basic guide to virtual worlds (MMOSG's) with a focus on social interaction. A guide to online virtual worlds with a focus on social interaction. Basic info, visitor ratings, reviews and helpful links for each program.
A portal to various VRML worlds, with multiuser chatting via VNet+. Free to use and to add your own worlds. Works best with IE and Blaxxun Contact.

VRSpace is a cross-platform, 3D streaming-media, multi-user system that has been designed with a modular architecture in mind. Using a wide variety of open-source technologies, via this modularity, we provide users with services such as email, newsgroups, ai bots, Neurogrid searching. We are working on integrating P2P file sharing, and voice over IP as well. The sky is the limit concerning what technologies can be plugged in. An open source (gpl) virtual reality cross-platform 3D community software.

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