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ActivatorDesk(tm) parental controls may be used for simple safe internet filtering for your kids and family preventing tampering and unauthorized access to both conventional programs and questionable internet content. Desktop browser system allows control of web sites visited and programs run using an on-board personal portal system for parental control.

Be Safe Online
Advice and guidance on internet safety for parents, teachers and responsible adults. Encourages safe behaviour online by children and adults. Raises awareness of safety and security problems with the Web, Email, Chat, Newsgroups, Filesharing, etc. Internet Safety advice for parents, teachers and responsible adults. Encourages child safety through careful online behaviour.

Be Web Aware
Tutorial and tips for parents on the benefits and risks of being on the Internet

Informational site with articles on internet safety, online pornography, child exploitation and miscellaneous related topics.

Child Safety FAQ
Frequently asked questions about child safety on the internet

Organisation promoting integrated European policies on missing and sexually exploited children. An initiative of "Child Focus" (Belgium).

Children's Safe Internet
Children's Safe Internet is a complete children's Internet access service that provides a fully-secure and age-appropriate educational and collaborative environment for children ages 3 to 14. Complete safety, security and all the good internet content for specific age groups, without any dangerous or inappropriate information. Complete safety, security and all the good internet content for specific age groups, without any dangerous or inappropriate information. Protected internet software for all ages, comprising controlled access browser, safe search engine and game -styled interface. Monthly fee based.

Content Purity
Content Purity provides free parental control Internet software to scan, filter and clean objectionable content from your computer. Free online parental control software to check computer for objectionable content.

COPA Commission
Information and resources about the Child Online Protection Act.

CyberAngels, Your cyberneighborhood watch, making sure that everyone can enjoy a safe surfing experience. Comprehensive resource focusing on Internet Safety matters. Offers guidance for parents, and provides information and solutions to common internet safety issues.

CyberCop Guide
A downloadable ebook about Internet child saftey. Written by an actual police detective, it teaches what parents can do to protect their children from becoming a victim or from victimizing others while on the Internet.

Enough Is Enough
Enough Is Enough is a national non-partisan, non-profit organization.Our focus is on the Internet, which reaches millions of children in homes, schools, and libraries, and where there are two primary threats: children's easy access to pornography and pedophiles' easy access to children.Our mission is to make the Internet safer for children and families.Our approach is a three-pronged solution of shared responsibility between the public, technology and the law. Substantial resource related to making the internet a safer place for children. Contains information, reports, articles, and useful links.

Family Guardian
Provides filtered web access. By installing a client on the user's computer and redirecting all traffic through the FamGuard servers, the content is analyzed and filtered or blocked before delivery.

Family Internet
The Internet guide for families. Family fun, Internet safety, Internet help, wallpaper, email finders, puzzles, games, desktop wallpaper, how to share pictures online, holiday guides and so much more. Resources and tips to keep your family safe. From
A public service brought by Internet industry corporations and public interest organizations to help insure that families have safe, constructive, and educational or entertaining online experiences.

Hyperdyne Software
Snitch Parental Control Software which automatically checks your comtputer for adult material. Snitch uses smart algorithms to detect obscene images, movies, and inappropriate internet activity.

International Child Center (ICC)
Resource offering general information about child protection, including some internet safety topics.

Various software tools for preventing access to unwanted online material. A list of internet filtering products and comparison data for parents and teachers.

Kid Smart
Kidsmart is an Internet safety awareness programme for schools. Practical online safety advice for teachers and parents, with lesson plans, online activities and resources.

Kidmail is fun, playful email sofware for children. The service is accessible via AOL, Earthlink, MSN, and nearly all dial-up, DSL, and broadband Internet providers. service also protects with Microsoft Outlook, IncrediMail, and other popular e-mail software for teenagers. Filtered email service, offering graphical mail tools for youngsters. Parents have control over incoming messages, mail from unknown senders can be quarantined.

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