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Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce
Home of the Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce, created by Congress to produce recommendations on electronic commerce and tax policy, critical information age issues with global implications. Created by Congress to produce recommendations on electronic commerce and tax policy, critical information age issues with global implications.

American Registry for Internet Numbers
The American Registry for Internet Numbers, a nonprofit corporation, is one of four Regional Internet Registries who manage Internet resource allocations such as IP addresses and Autonoumous System numbers. ARIN also provides a WHOIS query tool to find information about organizations that have registered resources with them. ARIN is the regional registry of IP and ASN numbers for North America, South America, the Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa.

Asia & Pacific Internet Association
Trade organization whose aim is to promote the region's economy through technical conferences, informative data compilation, and development of industry standards.

Asian Pacific Network Information Center
Processes applications for IP address space within the Asia Pacific region. Has search engine for "whois" to see if domain name is already in use. Maintains mailing lists for the region.

Association of African American Web Developers
Organization to promote web development by African Americans. Open to professional and students engaged in web work. Resources include fee estimator, employment listing, java and javascript assistance.

Association of Internet Researchers
The Association of Internet Researchers is an academic association dedicated to the advancement of the cross-disciplinary field of Internet studies. . Organization devoted to the study of the Internet and its various impacts from multidisciplinary fields. Academic based with listserv.

Berglund Center for Internet Studies
Affiliated with Pacific University in Oregon, the Center offers fellowships for those who wish to study the impact of the Internet. Has online journal.

Berkman Center for Internet and Society
A research program founded to explore cyberspace, share in its study, and help pioneer its development.

Center for Next Generation Internet
Industry-oriented organization concerned with promoting NGI technology. Has some Power Point presentations that are interesting and a page devoted to an analysis of the global trend of Internet users. If you are not a member don't click on the members link because you will be trapped in a loop.

Computer and Communications Industry Association
Open Markets, Open Systems, Open Networks, and Full, Fair and Open Competition . Association of computer product vendors and communications firms lobbying for free trade and open markets.

Electronic Messaging Association
An inter-industry forum dedicated to advancing the use and usefulness of e-business and messaging.

Global Information Infrastructure Commission
GIIC fosters private sector leadership and private-public sector cooperation in the development of information networks and services to advance global economic growth, education and quality of life. An initiative of the Center for Strategic and International Studies dedicated to privatizing or creating cooperative public and private enterprise to increase access to the Internet.

ICANN @Large Membership
This is the place to sign up as an Individual ICANN member, or as a member of a global organization of Individual Domain Name Holders. The (future) website of the members of ICANN At-Large, the voting population that will control ICANN.

Information Network
Home page of an association of individuals or organizations rallied around the theme ICT for Development.

InterGov International
Provides Internet crime and scam reports and maintains sites related to Internet education, community, and security.

International Association of Web Masters and Designers
The I.A.W.M.D is the first and largest webmasters association in the world. With over 310,000 Members and affiliates in over 145 Countries world wide, Membership is open to anyone with an interest in web authoring or web development. Organization has site to submit your site for rating and to rate other sites. Has newsletter.

Internet Assigned Numbers Authority
IANA controls numbers for protocols, the Country Code Top Level Domains and maintains the IP Address allotments.

Internet Brothers
An independently produced and operated webspace offering Internet community and web development assistance. Laugh a little, learn a lot. Expanding web community by offering free tips and tutorials about HTML and DHTML, graphics editing, site promotion, digital photography, and desktop publishing. Presented often with a touch of humor, and always with examples.

Internet Developer Group
Meeting announcement for SVCS Internet SIG. Group based in California holds meetings and uses web site to explaining evolving Internet Technologies. Issues include: Security, Privacy, Searching, Bandwidth and alternative access media and devices.

Internet Society Chapter of Luxembourg
L'Internet Society (ISOC) Luxembourg: une association pour l'évolution de l'Internet. Luxembourg, Belgium Chapter of ISOC.

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