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Ann & Andy Illy Collection
Illy Cup Collection. A gallery of Illy Collection espresso and cappuccino cups, with photographs, guestbook, discussion forum, and selected cups for sale.

CC International Ltd.
Homepage of the CC International LTD Collectors Club. Many links and other features for the Campbell Soup Collector. International membership. Special Members Only section. An international organization for collectors of Campbell's Soup and other Campbell items. With image archive, convention information, message board.

Cigarette Packs Collection
My collection of full and empty cigarette packs with pictures of my collection and links to other collector's sites. Collection of cigarette packs from worldwide (both full and empty) with a lot of beautiful pictures, a guest book and a link page to other collectors sites.
The Pillsbury Doughboy Collector's Site! The definitive guide for Pillsbury doughboy collectibles. Contains links, photos, and an interactive message forum.

Illy & Amici Collection site
information about illy and amici collection espresso cups, trade and sale. Information about Illy and Amici espresso cups, with photographs of the collection, a trade/want list, and links page.

Online Museum of Shopping Lists
A growing collection of other people's discarded shopping lists, mostly found in supermarket trolleys. A glimpse into the private wants and needs of total strangers, or an art gallery with shopping lists instead of paintings? You decide. A growing collection of discarded shopping lists (found in supermarket trolleys). All manner of handwriting, spelling, and notepaper. A glimpse into the personal wants and needs of total strangers.

Sardine King
Sardine King - The largest collection of vintage California sardine can labels on the internet. Collector page featuring vintage California sardine can labels with many photos. Includes gallery, history, and contact information.

The Imaginary World/ Tick Tock Archives
A collection of a variety of food and drink packages and toy premiums from the 1950s through the 1970s.

The Potted Meat Museum
World's Largest Potted Meat Collection. A large and diverse collection of various meats in cans. Includes exotic meats and international selections, with photographs, a history, and links to related sites.

The Stove Collector
The Camping Stove Enthusiast is a fan page for all types of camping and backpacking stoves. It includes a database with more than 130 stove brands, how-to-use information and other articles. For users and collectors of camping stoves of all kinds, from antique kerosene burners to modern multifuel models. Features a database of over 130 different brands, with some photographs.

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