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Air Raid Sirens
The Internet's premier outdoor warning siren website. Information on air raid sirens and other siren and warning devices. Features photos, sounds, projects, restoration, forum, and links.

Antique Spectacles
Information and a collection of antique spectacles, eyeglasses, monocles and eye stuff. Read about antique spectacles and browse through a virtual museum of monocles, eyeglasses, lorgnettes and spectacles.

Arenophile (Sand Collecting)
arenophile or sand collecting. A start point for sand collectors.

This is a site dedicated to all collectors of Bakelite and other associated old plastics.

Bakelite and Plastic Museum
Bakelite and Plastic Museum. The database of the site is filled with bakelite kitchen and homeware, radio's, clocks, jewelry, and cameras. Each item has its comprehensive description. Includes images, books, links.

Beach Collection
Sand collection (arenophile). Lots of images

Bryan's Rubber Band Ball
Pictures, statistics and guest book.

Business Card Collecting
Business card collecting facts, fun, and help. Links to business card collectors and traders. Business card collecting facts, fun, and information. Links to business card collectors and traders around the world.

Car Brochures
A private collection of classic and modern car brochures from around the world, includes for sale list, links, and images of the collectin.

AOL and other ISP CD Collection. This site shows the art in each ISP's cds or diskettes received in mail or magazines.

Cliff Muskiet's Stewardess Uniform Collection
Thumbnailed photograph galleries of uniforms worn by airline staff.

Collect Space
Source for space history, space artifacts, and space memorabilia. Learn where astronauts will appear, browse collecting guides, and read original space history-related daily reports. Non-commercial site devoted to space memorabilia collecting; combines resources for the collector with an online gallery of a personal collection.

Collectors Tech
British collector of electronic devices, calculators, radios, and watches.
FW MX DW MX HTML. Focuses on the Thunderbolt models of outdoor warning sirens made by Federal Sign & Signal Corporation which are sirens for civil defense, tonadoes, and air raids.

Fish Posters of the World
Information and photos for all kinds of fish posters: aquarium, reef and sports fish, sharks, and seafood. Photos, links and other information on all sorts of fish posters.
Flashlight Museum - Antique, classic and new flashlights on display. Hundreds of listings with pictures and specs. Online museum of antique, classic and new flashlights.

Geek History through T-Shirts. The history of technology is best told through the t-shirts that were made during the development process. Users contribute pictures of their shirts along with their histories.

Gilai Collectibles
Located in Jerusalem, Israel. The founder, Dr. Gilai, is the chairman of the Israeli Society of Cane Collectors.

Globes of the 20th Century
Globes of the 20th Century. Information on collecting terrestrial (world) globes made in the 20th century. Informational site for collectors of 20th century terrestrial globes. Globe manufacturers, how to date a globe, globe bibliography, globe links and a photo gallery of typical 20th century globes.
A Collector's Guide to Vintage Handcuffs. A collectors guide to vintage handcuffs, featuring a gallery of handcuffs and related restraints as well as feature articles on handcuff collecting, Houdini and his fellow escape artists of the past.

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