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Offbeat comment on news and celebrities, parodies and links to selected funny sites.

Adventures of Buddy Christ
The Adventures of Buddy Christ. Buddy Christ likes going on adventures. Come in and see pictures of Buddy Christ on his latest adventure. Galleries of photos featuring a plastic Jesus that has gone where none have gone before. Includes a forum.

Am I Wasted?
where you rate how wasted people look. Rate how wasted various people look. Visitors can submit their own photographs.

Arm of Elvis
Help find Elvis arm! While on a visit to the little Trixterss room, The Dexter had the arm stolen from his Elvis toy. To this day, its wherabouts are unknown. Post messages and pictures, send ransom demands, or play games on this site. . Help find Elvis' arm. Post messages and pictures, send ransom demands, or play games.

Art and Entropy
Dark humor and other disturbing content, including articles, serial killers and bizarre illustrations.

Computer-generated comedy. Search for anything at all and this site will deliver humorous content on the topic. Computer generated encyclopaedia, giving randomly collected definitions to words and concepts.

Beer Can Bob
Submit your funny pictures, bizarre pictures, crazy pictures, stupid pictures and weird pictures of Beer Can Bob. See him travel the world. support national thong awareness month. College humor. Free bumper stickers. Soliciting stupid photos of Bob on a global scale.

Belching Bob
Find your favourite belch or burp. Belching Bob belches big burps on command. Large collection of burps and belches. Watch the belch video. Belching Bob knows how to belch and burp on command. Watch the belch movie. Excellent belching techniques. Amusing ways to let off a gaseous stomach.

biffie,interactive entertainment site featuring articles, comment, gallery, short stories, Thai stories, poetry, amazing facts. Submissions and general discussion greatly appreciated and unless they are obscene will probably be published. Interactive entertainment; odd articles, short stories, poetry, amazing facts and commentary.

Big Gay Bear
Fresh adult humour from Nottingham 100% free Matt Scott. Bizarre, offcolor humor and links, spoof articles and a forum.

Bizarre Abyss
bizarre,weird,wicked,evil,dark,gothic,steelwidow,steel,steel inside,bizarre pics,bizarre pixs,bizarre news,allies,vortex,revolt,sell your soul,succubi,succubus,evil genius,evilgenius,webrings,everything bizarre,free,free xxx,adult. Features an 'evil name' generator, virtual drug dealer, message boards, bizarre news and photos.
Weird and unusual news from around the world.

Join a mod_virgule BBS group. Explore sarcasm, cynicism, and irreverent wit.

Blue Shite
Humour, ramblings and funny links. Lots of toy destruction.

Bog Goblin
Ask questions, piss on people you hate, and find out about things you'd never consider.
Attempting to prove that being sick can be fun.

Random stories, links to the best of the web, games, random humor, and much, much more. Random humor, bizarre stories, links and squid.

Caged Elf
Caged Elf cartoons, news, reviews, funny pictures and movies, assorted oddities, procrastination, and the kitchen sink. Original cartoons, daily weird news, and other assorted oddities.

Catalogue Of Ridiculous Records
A list of ridiculous world records.

Catch This, Professor!
A mix of cartoons, stories and offbeat humor, plus a real estate agent for the recently deceased.

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