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The freedom to express yourself. A humorous and satirical take on computer business and related news.

Computer Jokes
Jokes and pictures aimed at amusing geeks. Visitor contributions accepted.

Computer Jokes
Old and new jokes about computing and the Internet.

Cyber Exorcism
Exorcism / A funny guide to the misbehaviour of computers, also provides information about possesed hardware and software and the historical backround of exorcism. Dedicated to fighting the poltergeists and cyber-demons that inhabit PCs.

Don't Tech Me In
Technology humor site with articles, links, and e-mail updates.

Hardware Comic
Comic strip about a PC and what it gets up to when its owner is away.
Anecdotes and stories from IT support. Visitors can post their own stories or comment on others.

Kill a Computer Affordable webpage design company located in Tucson Arizona Professional Unique Fast web site design and hosting Web Design for Hunting Web Sites. Various computers are dropped from buildings or crushed by steamrollers.
Funniest computer jokes, funny computer pictures, computer annimations, funny computer links, and more. Computer-related jokes, cartoons, and links.

Life In a Tech Shop
A look at how people mistreat their computers, which commentary and photographs.

Meatnurse: The Epic Geek Saga
Meatnurse: The Epic Geek Saga--Futuristic story on how geeks will all eventually need a meatnurse. . Futuristic story on how geeks will all eventually need a meatnurse.

Software parodies includes Joesoft Cheese, a web browser, and Joesoft Mama, a genealogy tool.

Or The Rabbit Dies
Welcome to Or the Rabbit Dies! The only online comic that is completely obsessed with Rabbits and killing them! No, just kidding. But we are obsessed with video games. Web comic about computer and console games.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair
End users SUCK!. A collection of questions asked of a technical support representative.

Save The Servers
Classical Urn by Randal Painter Trivet And T-233 MATTRESS PAD FULLFull. Collecting donations to help servers in need, plus an animated cartoon strip.

Sonic Dragon Productions
Funny Tech News, Graphics, Quotes, and More. Repository of humorous computer-related links and quotes, as well as a few pictures.

Stupid Computer Tricks
Contains photographs of misused computers sent to the technical support department of a major computer retailer.

Extensive collection of amusing tech support stories. Includes stories from home and professional support situations.

The Chronicles of George
Contains end-user support requests with humorous comments added. Also contains FAQs, a discussion board, and a weblog.

The Easter Egg Archive
Hidden secrets in Software, Movies, Music, and More. The things you use and see everyday probably have hidden Easter Eggs in them, and this is the place to discover those Eggs. Amusing secret tidbits hidden in software, movies, music, TV, books, and art.

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