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A Moron's Guide to Toast
A online humor site to help everyone make better toast. An idiot's joke guide to toast humor and toaster jokes. A guide to help everyone make better toast. Includers some toaster humor.
A campaign to rid the world of the tomato.

Atkins Diet Sucks
Exploring the world's love and hate relationship with this famous low carbohydrate diet.

Beans Around The World
The true-life adventures of a can of Black Beans that has traveled all over the world. Nutritionally complete with photos, essays, and a dash of fun. The true adventures of a can of black beans that have traveled the U.S. and world.

befuddle: confused or made stupid with drink. Humorous alcohol related content including drunken anecdotes, drinking games, bar jokes, beer goggles, bar maids, drunk celebrity pics and drunk girls. A collection of alcohol-related true stories, pictures and jokes.

Buffalo Wing World Domination
Secret plans for taking over the world through the use of buffalo wings. If you like buffalo wings this is the place to be. Dedicated to the peaceful domination through the use of buffalo wings.
Donate money online to buy my lunch for me then read the meals review and get your name and photo displayed in thanks. Donate towards the author's lunch and read reviews of what has been eaten.

Clinton Candies
Candy company parody and jokes.

Cooking with Gus
Daily comic strip about a chef, plus archives.

Diet Humor
A large collection of humorous saying relating to dieting.

Eat, Drink and Really Be Merry
humor food cooking An amusing look at the world of food and drink. Nothing escapes parody; not the lobster, the potato, the turnip or the green vegetable. Humorous articles on the world of food and drink.

Food Jokes
A great selection of food, drink and dining jokes. Jokes about food, drinking, eating, waiters and bars.

Freddo Frog
The Freddo Frog Portal. Dedicated to the Australian reptilian chocolate confection.

Funny Food
Humorous recipes, photos, tips, and jokes.

Funny Tummy
Food jokes, food humor, wacky diets, zany recipes and more! Play with your food!. Food jokes, strange diets and unusual recipes.

Hamburger UK - More nonsense than you can shake a jolly big stick at! (unless you are particularly good at shaking sticks). Madcap interactive lists of food films, food songs, and the conveyor belt game.

How To Drink
Step-by-step illustrated instructions on how to imbibe alcohol to excess.

International Church of Alcohol
Fringe religious organisation based on the worship of alcoholic beverages. Free ordinations available.

Look in my Fridge
Humor site related to the contents of a fridge.

Lunch is Fun
LUNCH IS FUN is a community lunch log. Did you log your lunch today? Have a nice LUNCH!. Lunches recorded and rated for tastiness.

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