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Australia is Useless
Outlines everything that is wrong with Australia and why we need to destroy it. All about insulting Australians.

Chingas Gate
Dedicated to the dark art of verbal abuse, this site features a forum to voice insults.

Conk Humor Community
An extremely fast and relevant multi-function Web search engine, hosting its own online service. The famous Conk headlines, over 90 newspaper comics and original humor fuel this community on the Web. Its refreshed every week day.

Generate over 500 billion possible insult combinations and send them to your friends or enemies. Random insult generator capable of millions of different abusive phrases which can be emailed to a target of your choice.

Get Even at The Finger
The Finger is about getting even, revenge, vengeance and pay back time. Get even in real time, shout out loud and let the world know. This site is about getting even in real time, shout out loud and let the world know.

I Am Better Than You
Do you have the distinct feeling that you are better than somebody? Does it bother you that they don't know? Now you can tell all your little friends how much better you are than them. All about being better than others and telling them so.

Uses a complex algorithm to generate classic, Shakespearean, and a variety of other insults. the ultimate insults site. insults,quotes & quotations from, in lots of catagories, random insult generator and a whole lot more. Say something better than ##!??*##. Hundred of insults, insulting quotes, and acidic sayings from all walks of life in lots of categories. Random insults generator.

send your friends this crazy message. Tell them how you really feel. It's like an online greeting card, sorta :-). Let Little Freak tell your friends how you really feel.

Low-Brow Insult Generator
Extremely vulgar but to-the-point random insults.

Mind Your Own Business
Insults, satire, parody, and a humorous exploration of the male etiquette. There are original games, mad-lib's, famous insults, and infamous ones as well. There's an award program, free email account, free links page and much more. Site dedicated to proving that male etiquette is not an oxymoron. insults. This site allows people to vent their feelings in a positive way.

The Rejector
just about the funniest and coolest site on the web with free postcards, downloads, reject email and cool stuff like that. Make a website embarrassing your enemy, and then send it to all of their friends.

Your Personalized Shakespeare Insult
Every time a new and personalized insult, in an imitation of the Bard.

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