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A is for Army
The First and Only Online Community Dedicated to Army Cadets and Junior Officers. Humor by army cadets, for army cadets.

Accounting Info
Accounting Info is a comprehensive source for accounting jokes, Tax Info, and Accounting resources and news. Contains jokes and news about accountants and taxes.

Architecture Jokes contains over 150 architecture jokes, building jokes and construction jokes. Jokes about architecture, building and construction. Visitors can rate jokes for quality or submit their own.

At Work and Bored
If im bored at work here's things to do when your bored: funny Joe Webb Cartoons, Jokes, Games, Puzzles, Weekly Horoscope, Movie Reviews and Ratings, Quick and Easy Dinner and Dessert Recipes,free Online Tarot Card Reading and more!. A selection of work and non-work related humor to stave off boredom, plus a panic button in case the boss visits.

Bad Managers
When bad managers happen to good people. The repository of management incompetence. Stories about difficult managers. We don't like Extreme Programming (and here's why...). Real-life horror stories of disastrous projects and egotistic managers. Updated weekly.

Bo Mallow
A web site for people who got laid off or afraid of losing their jobs. Features include Bo Mallow comics, job search resources, book recommendations, desktop wallpapers, and more. Brought to you by Bigtimer Studio, a web/graphic design studio. An original cartoon character reflecting the life of a person being laid off. Job resources, wallpapers, comics available. Requires Flash.

Call Center Comics
The Phones - A comic strip about call centers. Call Center Comics, cartoons , funny drawings of call center situations. Cartoons and funny situations from life in a call center.

Click Your Heels Together 3 Times
A look at the funny side of being unemployed.

Corporate Cliches
A dictionary of over-used business terms and their true meanings.

Corporate Dump
Corporate Dump - A site full of great ways to waste company time and money. We have office jokes, office humor, flash cartoons, flash games, funny pictures, and office gags!. An office aid to wasting company time, featuring humor, games, pictures and a "boss" button.

First it was cubicles, Then they found the reams of pink paper. This is what happens when almost everyone in a business is "let go".

Customers Suck
Customers Suck! A humorous look at life as a retail worker. The reason why those in retail think customers suck, and what you can do to stop it.

Day Job
Search for the latest IT jobs, SAP jobs, and for the very best in IT and SAP recruitment, visit Restless gen-X professionals come to question meaning in the modern workplace, rant about office-angst and check in with popular culture.

Don's Boss Page
Don's Boss Page! Hide from your boss with this fake spreadsheet! Stealth surfing tips, worker-friendly sites, and much more!. Hide from your boss with this fake spreadsheet. Stealth surfing tips, and worker-friendly sites.

Drink at Work
Weekly career advice for the professionally disinclined.
Learn more about elevator etiquette. Get rules for riding an elevator like where to stand, when to press buttons and common elevator mistakes. Provides a full list of rules to observe when riding an elevator.
Visitors can share their awful work experiences at jobs they'd like to quit.

Get a Job
These are job applications from the wretched, depraved, morally bankrupt, scum-sucking Job Predators who are the citizens of Bogus Bay. The jobs are real,the classified ads are real, the applications and the responses are all real.

Gone to Blazes
Firefighter jokes and humor and extracts from an upcoming book of firefighter humor.

Hate Your Job
An irreverant look at work including: rotten managers, subversive staff and jargon. There is a serious message about stress, too. An irreverant look at work including rotten managers, subversive staff, and jargon.

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