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A Wasted Education
For those of us who have wasted our educations. A distraction for all of us that are wasting our educations.

All World Knowledge
Some of the world's leading academics write educational articles on every subject under the sun, all of which are full of shit. Offers articles on every technology, every human discovery or endeavor, every social and artistic achievement and every natural phenomenon since the universe began. Includes author profiles.
Company offers many things that make life worth living. Includes news, research, employment opportunities, employee lounge, FAQ and a virtual tour.

At BetterDogFood (.Com!), we *give* you the dog and then *sell* you the dog food. Firm gives you the dog, and then sells you the food.

Bloomdale Jiffies
Bloomdale Jiffies- From duck launchers to intern repellant spray, our trusted corporation's products are ready to meet all your needs. Megalomaniacal fictional corporation. Featuring strange artworks, unusual military hardware and unorthodox business products.

Bush Orwell '04
Irony, parody, and satire for proud liberals. Electoral campaign site for the Bush-Orwell ticket. Includes a blog, agenda, news, posters, polls and photographs.

Captain Safety
This is a personal site outlining the exploits of the infamous Captain Safety, the safety site is a crazy and incredibly funny and humorous place! This site contains parodies and general piss-takes of safety advice. Super-hero presents hints for avoiding death, guilt, and responsibility. Includes news, horoscopes and a discussion forum.

Offers motivational posters in PDF format. Includes Internet postcards.

Auctions babies at discount prices. Includes bidding and selling instructions.

Offers an authoratative guide to digital living. Includes movies, interviews and a diet guide.

Offers a network of fiends who are into boring each other or who want to make new fiends quickly. Includes a virtual tour, FAQ and testimonials.

A parody of the overpriced vitamins -- so-called "nutraceuticals" -- that claim to reduce stress. A parody of pseudo-pharmaceutical cure-all remedies.

George W. Bush Impersonator
George W. Bush Impersonator - John Morgan

God Hates Figs
Offers proof that figs are the source of all the world's evil. Includes propaganda, resources and FAQ.
A website dedicated to the eligible men of Canada. provides a service that allows fine Canadian men a place on the internet to find women. A comedy site. Placing Canadian men on the cutting edge of the mail order groom business. Includes resumes, photos, and videos.

Gun-Control Network
A parody site for the UK's Gun Control Network. Gun-Control Net-Work ... Because commoners need no defense. Works to convince lawmakers that they must not be swayed by the self-centered interests of commoners. Includes membership information and a complaint department.

Guten Morgen Deutschland
Morning show pokes fun at Nazi Germany. Includes archives, a dictionary, map, forum and chat room.

Handgun Control Inc.
The Hand-gun Control Inc. Parody Site. Turning Rights into security for over 25 years. . Discusses gun control as it relates to private ownership, the government and the gun lobby. Includes polls and games.

Consulting strategies for e-buisiness solutions. This e-business marketing agency knows how to market itself. Explaining the importance of an expensive table and knowing when to roll up your shirt sleeves.

A HumorousHoroscope by Ron Lunde. Updated Daily. Includesa variety of other humor, including quotations,cartoons, and really bad poetry. A humorous horoscope by Ron Lunde. Available daily or weekly.

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