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Average Single Male
average single male: Tell your friends about average single male!. Insight into the lives and needs of these solitary individuals, and their efforts to find a partner.

Black Hearts Party
A place for the bitter and jaded to celebrate the grim realities of love.

Blind Date Guess
How much can you tell about someone from a Personals Ad? Take our quiz and find out. Guess the personality characterstics of a friend's blind date.

Break It Off
Break-up stories - the good, bad, and ugly - share yours, read others', be inspired, be ammused!. Dedicated to stories of relationship break-ups - the good, bad, and ugly, as well as stories of revenge. Share yours, too.

Classic Relationship Jokes
Relationship jokes for adults. Includes men vs. women, dating, sex, honeymoon, in-laws, marriage, religion, military, police, job humor, travel, holiday jokes and more. Categories including: dating, sex, in-laws, marriage, honeymoon, religion, men, women, jobs, politics, military and several others.

Disaster Dates
A place for women around the world to share their most embarrassing and cringeworthy dating experiences.

Buy official dump certificates, publish your stories, and reasons for dumping.

Intellectual Whores
Website dedicated to explaining the Ladder Theory of male/female interaction and how women can have male 'friends'.

Is He Gay?
For women wondering why their date hasn't kissed them yet.

Ladder Theory
The ladder theory is a funny, scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other. It also covers such topics as why women sometimes just want to be friends but men always want sex. Funny and scientific explanation of how men and women are attracted to each other.

Laurie's Love Logic
Fun Love Advice. Find answers to nagging love questions, or read about other people's horrible experiences.

Men Still Think With Their Clubs
Men still think with their clubs, Sexuality, Non Fiction, Cave People. Excerpts from a humorous book featuring a the diary of a seductive stone age cavewoman and her exploits.

Mother-in-Law Stories
Sharing fun stories about mothers-in-law (and other relatives) that will make you laugh. A great way to relieve family stress and tension!. Sharing fun stories about mother-in-laws.

Pathetic Personals
Funny Sayings, Funny Poems From Internet Personal Ads. Collection of pathetic personal ads with additional commentary. is designed with the belief that we are all allowed to make one very big mistake, and this is your venue to talk about yours - your ex-lover! Vent your spleen, or read other's sad stories, or tales of love gone wrong. To spew, to vent, perchance to date again?. Vent your spleen, or read other's sad stories, or tales of love gone wrong.

Rules 4 Dating
Brief advice from an experienced single.

The Field Guide to North American Males
Browse a list of boy species organized according to the four families of artsy, gainfully employed, athletic and casual.

Throw Me A Line!
Read and submit the latest (or lamest) pick up lines.

Visiting Mom
All you need to know about visiting your mother.

You Married
An online community of women, wives and couples who gather together to strengthen, enable and improve their marriage through helpful writings, message boards and advice columns. Relax and have some fun!. A humorous look at marriage from a woman's point of view.

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