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12 Foot Cock
A cynic's view of the world. Featuring rants, sports and everyday life.
Political commentary and humor from both sides of the aisle. Includes discussion forums.
The creative homepage of Abe Welle, Minneapolis writer and graduate student, former host of The Can of Spam on KUMM FM, and former humor columnist for The University Register. Homepage of Minneapolis writer Abe Welle, former KUMM radio host and newspaper columnist. With satirical media commentary and Bad Relationships comic strip.

Adventures in Advertising
Adventures in Advertising by Tom Delmundo. A weekly cartoonwritten by an advertising guy with apparently waaaay too much time onhis hands. Commentary about current events and pop culture, by an ad man.

Al Qaeda News
Terrorist sleeper cell activation page.

American Wordsmith Online
Journal of news, humor and opinion on US current events.

ANALGRAM is a web-based newsletter that covers real and imaginary news from across the country and around the world. ANALGRAM - To boldy crow where no man has crowed before. Absurd coverage of real and imaginary news from across the country and around the world.

Asian Underground
A satirical look at Asian life through spoof news, personal views, and current affairs in the UK and South Asia.

Features commentary from Northern Ireland. Includes archives and links.

Banana - Coconut Magazine
News, commentary, and rants in an effort to combat ignorance and racism.

Bastard Powered
A Site by a Bastard for Bastards - Because, sometimes you have to abandon principles and do what's right . Ridicule and political commentary. Offers rants and discontent.

Squarespace is a flexible, streamlined way to create and manage a website. A blog of amusing musings from somewhere in America. Also features photos, archives, and reads.

Big Fat News
Fairly preposterous site featuring news from the USA and the world.

Bitter Thoughts
Bitter Solutions to a Stupid World. A collection of articles about the world and its events. Includes an animated series called The Intermissions.

Blue Collar
Welcome to the Blue Collar world of Cameron Davis. Journal of Cameron Davis, a beaver who spends too much time on the internet.

Bob's Fridge Door
Satire and humor on the news and Net are posted on the virtual fridge door of Cybersatirist Bob Hirschfeld. Features include Skewpoint, Stuff, Not for Dummies, Parody Section and About Bob. Since 1999.

Boot Camp Daze
A humorous form letter to send to friends that depicts boot camp life. Features a gallery of photos with captions and letters home.

BrainBabble Online
BrainBabble Online, Where Insanity RULES! Come to BrainBabble Online to experience the funniest college humor column in the country. Read the column, participate in the BBS, hear rants, and experience online-only content you can't get anywhere else!. Comment and rants about society.
Features news, word salad, ask Satan and crap shoot.

Built for Power
A spoof celebrity.

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