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Ask Dr. Science
America's foremost authoritarian on the world around us. Or at least the world around him.

Bad Science Projects
The scientific method gone terribly, terribly wrong. Scientists with too much time on their hands.
Science and comedy collide. Comedian Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring science, technology and entertainment. Philip K. Dick to carnivorous plants, cryonics to robotics, They Might Be Giants to astrophysics, and all points in between. Comic Brian Malow hosts a live daily webcast featuring interviews with scientists, authors, techies, artists, musicians and others.

HotAIR: Annals of Improbable Research
International science humor magazine, rival to the Journal of Irreproducible Results, AIR chronicles genuine and concocted research from Earth's best and worst scientists and science writers, and administers the annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony. Many articles online not in the print version, and vice versa.

Institute for Parallel Studies
A collection of odd, Frankenstein-like images and peculiar essays.

Intellectual Hair
Humanising scientific discovery and achievement by way of light hearted and somewhat scientific entertainment.

Science Entertainment
Home of Lynda Williams, the Physics Chanteuse.

Science Jokes
Science Jokes are jokes about Science Scientist Humor Funny Quotes. Jokes about the sciences and mathematics arranged by topic.

Scientific Review
Spoof and humorous articles on a variety of scientific topics.

Sometimes Science Sucks
Webcomic about science and the situations that occur when it all goes wrong.

Stop the Spin
Satiral organization dedicated to stopping global warming by stopping the spin of the earth.

Super Awesome Time Machine Thinking
Experiments in time travel.

Science-related fiction, journal and images.

The Metric System Sucks
A unit conversion utility, message board, a comparison the two systems of measurement, and a look at who uses this system.

The Sciencist
The Sciencist: A peer-reviewed journal of scientific discovery. A satirical journal of science featuring groundbreaking research, experiments and reports.

The Straight Dope by Cecil Adams
"Education and Condescension" - Fighting ignorance since 1973, Cecil Adams takes questions from the teeming millions, spewing forth correctness week after week in his replies.

The Underwater Mouse Project
Documents an underwater mouse. Plenty of pictures and illustrations are included.

This Week In Science
Weekly science news radio program that presesnts a humorous and irreverant look at the week in science. Site includes streaming audio archives of past shows and weekly news articles. Web site and online audio archives for the weekly TWIS science radio show. A humorous and irreverent take on the world of science.

Why Is The Sky Blue
Why is the sky blue, you ask? Find the funny answer to this scientific question and many more here. Features funny scientific misinformation and silliness.

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