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Abervegas Lounge Culture
Network Solutions is the leading provider of domain name registration. We are the first and largest registrar of domain names and offer web services including domain names, web sites, web hosting, web site promotion, and e-mail services. A portal for popular lounge culture. Bar reviews, restaurant reviews, advice column, essays on the great american past time ~ drinking and the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra.

American Society of Normal Joes
Apparently true stories about Joes, from modern times and throught history. includes, stories, tales and yarns. You just might learn somthin' too!. The truth, as seen by Joes all over the world.

Anorak Spotters
All about those people who like to wear this variety of coat.
Study nearly identical-looking artfags and capture images of them in their own environment.
A look at the practice by young British males of stupidly modifying cars and generally driving like lunatics.

Bozo Got Stoned
The adventures of a clown who likes to get stoned. Features episodic video adventures, pictures and a message board.

A community of crazy people doing silly stunts and arranging mad parties and events.

Dull Men's Club
A place where dull men can share thoughts and experiences free from pressures to be "in and trendy".

Ima Bimbo.?? Are you?
Ima Bimbo...aka St. Theresa...or something...I got Tori stuff and things to say. Come see!. Home of Nic-a-tampon and other foolishness. Tori Amos fans will find something off-colour and interesting here.

Losers dot Org
LOSERS dot ORG. Categorized by social group with "loser" ratings.

Mayflower Unlimited
Freedom is everyones birthright. Created equal. Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness, free choice. Know your Rights! Includes marijuana and money based in justice. Cartoons galore. Humor and information to do with marijuana, its uses and the laws governing it.

Narcosatanic Pure Evil Madness
Making fun of heavy metal fans and goths, plus assorted pictures and links.

Peckerwood Institute of America
The official site for the Peckerwood Institute of America from Bismarck and Hettinger North Dakota, featuring exclusive Humor, Personality Tests, Merchandise, and a whole heap of fun!. Helping people determine if they are a Peckerwood.

Pimp Central
Articles, classifieds, a guide on pimping and a random pimp generator.

Talk Like A Pirate Day
The Official Talk-Like A Pirate Day Web site. Because we're guys, and because we can. Background information and activities for those that fancy themselves as seafaring criminals.

The Church of Johnson
Fringe religious group.

The Partygoers
A group dedicated to spreading goodwill through the spontaneous visitation of social gatherings and celebrations.
Do you hate wigga's? Well come join in on the fun and look at pics. Just hang out and have fun, thats what it's all about. Dedicated to white kids who want to be black.

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