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A Flock of Segers
A Flock of Segers is dedicated to the wordplay of combining titles of bands (or movies) in order to form new, better names. Wordplay combining titles and names of bands and movies.
Humorous new words and phrases created to define various important and unimportant concepts.

Dictionary Of Wordplay
Dictionary Of Wordplay is a collection/archive of puns, tomswifters, shaggy-dog stories, doofinisms, jokes, tongue-twisters, double entendres, homonyms, homophones and any other examples of wordplay in the English language. A collection of puns, tomswiftys, jokes, tongue-twisters, double entendres, homonyms, and homophones.

Family Travel Games
101 Travel Word Games to Play in the Car for family vacations and road trips. Car word games are perfect for family vacations when traveling with the family. A book of family-oriented wordplay to occupy time during road trips, from easy to challenging. No additional implements needed.
Wordplay, Word Puzzles, and Word Games. Dedicated to oddities of the English language plus various types of wordplay.

Gadzillion Things to Think About
Real life humor questions to encourage the whole family to THINK and be CREATIVE in a FUN way. 10,000+ rhetorical questions. Accepts submissions.

Janet's Wordplay Site
Child-oriented articles, puzzles, and quizzes about having fun with words.

List of Silly Names
Includes towns, marriages, silly science and universities. Accepts submissions.

This site is the collective works of some very creative and talented punsters and Word Masters. It is our hope you'll find enough daffynitions, puns and word play here to keep you entertained for hours. Oxymora, famous last words and Confucius Says are just some of the wordplay included.

Obfuscations of Celebrated Oracular Utterings
Rewords familiar phrases, idioms, and aphorisms with grandiose, academic words and descriptions.

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