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Armed American
Enter a brief description of your site here. Firearm safety, training and membership organization. Information about new laws, products, training, safety and membership.

Australia - Firearms Information Accreditation & Licensing Information
firearms information for security guard training revolver and semiauto for class 2H licence, class H and handgun licence. Firearms information, security licence accreditation, revolver and semi-auto reaccreditation, for New South Wales Category H licence, ACT Class H licence, Victoria handgun licence.

AZ - Arizona Concealed Carry Weapon Permit
AZ CCW Permit Class. Concealed Carry Weapon Renewal Classes. Gun Laws. Defensive Handgun Training. Firearm Safety. CCW renewal classes, Defensive handgun training and firearm safety.

AZ - Collier's Ex-Caliber Inc.
Enter a brief description of your site here. We train responsible people in the fields of safety, security and personal protection including firearm use and the Arizona Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) training courses.

AZ - TacTrain Skill at Arms Development
Phoenix, Arizona, Pistol, Carbine, Photo Gallery, Hunter/Sniper Precision Field Rifle, Edged Weapons, Operations, Shotgun, CCW Training. Professional defensive training for law enforcement, military, civilians and personal protection personnel. Classes for pistol, carbine, rifle and shotgun. Phoenix, Arizona.

CA - AllSafe Defense Systems - TJ Johnston
AllSafe offers basic and advanced training in unarmed self defense and tactical firearms training. Orange, California.

CA - Bay Area Professionals for Firearms Safety
Offers classes in firearms safety, basic pistol, and personal protection. Objective is to educate and train the public in the safe ownership, use, and storage of firearms. San Francisco Bay Area, California.

CA - BullsEye Tactical Firearms Training
Basic through advanced firearms training in the Shasta County area of northern California. Accuracy, confidence, and safety are our goals!. Firearms training in the Basic Handgun Safety, Personal Protection (CCW), Advanced Handgun, Basic Rifle Safety, Assault Rifleman, and Precision Marksman courses. Shasta County, California.

CA - Chabot Gun Club
Offering a large selection of hunter education courses and special firearms training and safety programs. San Francisco Bay Area, California.

CA - Dean Gamburd Firearms Consultant firearm training, instruction
Dean Gamburd Firearms Consultant firearm training, instruction firearm safety class, firearm training course, home firearm safety,self defense with firearms . Firearms consultant, training, instruction, safety class, training course, self defense. Los Angeles, California.

CA - Firearms Training at The Top Gun Training Centre
Defensive Firearms Training for Law Abiding Citizens and Tactical Firearms Training for Law Enforcement. Conducting specialized self defense firearms courses since 1983. San Bernardino County, California.

CA - George Reppas, Sr.
Shotgun shooting instruction. Fees and schedules of classes and private lessons. Dublin, California.

CA - International Tactical Training Seminars, Inc
Firearms training, technical advisement, expert witness testimony in use of force cases, security, law enforcement training, executive protection. Los Angeles, California.

CA - Self Defense Firearms Training - Greg Block
Develop your skills with handguns, rifles and shotguns, from basics to advanced. Highly credentialed instructor emphasizes civilian self-defense situations. Be Safe, Be Confident, Get Trained!. Basic intermediate and advanced handgun, situation tactics handgun, concealed carry courses, low-light shooting, shotgun and rifle defense courses. Huntington Beach, California.

CA - Sierra Firearms Training
Sierra Firearms Training. Offers two courses required by the El Dorado County Sheriffs Department prior to the issuance or renewal of a CCW permit. Placerville, California.

Canada - Canadian Firearms Training
Information on Canadian firearm laws and licenses as well as services related to the Canadian firearms safety courses and exams.

Canada - International Academy of Tactical Training Systems
Courses in personal defense and use of firearms e.g., pressure point control, knife defense, defensive pistol and shotgun, Canadian restricted firearms safety, and Saskatchewan law enforcement services security. - Wing and Clay Shooting Instructor
Wing shooting and clay shooting: Shooting Schools: Wing shooting instruction, emphasis on double gun and shotgun instruction, ranges and courses. Wing and clay shooting instructor provides schooling and instruction in seminars conducted all over the United States.

CO - Colorado Safearms Academy - CSA
Safearms Academy offers professional quality training in the safe, efficient and effective use of firearms for recreational shooting, personal protection, instructor training and to meet the training requirements for the Colorado Concealed Handgun Permit. Training by NRA Certified Instructors in the safe and efficient use of firearms for both recreational shooting and personal protection.

CO - Defense Training International, Inc.
Defensive handgun, shotgun and rifle training. Fundamentals of defensive shooting for women and advanced defensive handgun courses also offered.(LaPorte, CO)

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