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AKFA Buggy Group
Kite traction club in Adelaide, South Australia. Site features a photo gallery plus registration information for the annual Adelaide International Kite Festival.

Born to Fly
Follow the traction kiting antics of Jim, Andy and Matt, extreme sport enthusiasts from Cardiff, Wales.

Brittish Buggy Club
Service and Support - Symantec EMEA (Europe). Provides kite buggy instruction and insurance to over 700 members in the UK.

Cardiff Traction & Power Kiters
Cardiff Kiters is a Group of people who enjoy the flying of Power kites, Traction kites, Sports kites, kite buggies, landboarding, Skid along the beach, jump, bodysurf, buggy and kitesurf or use these kites with mountainboards, snowboards, skis, inline skates and more. Resource site for traction and power kiting activities in the Cardiff area, UK.

Central New Jersey Buggy Group
Al Campos, Chris Mingrone and Glenn Pedro founded this group of east coast kite buggy enthusiasts. Site provides local news, buggy locations and member photos.

Close Headquarters
Traction kite and buggying information, pictures, how to, and more. Flying tips for kite traction enthusiasts, plus photographs, buggy site locations, events diary, and a message board.

Doomwheels Kite Skating
Official website of Doomwheels kite skating enthusiast, Bob Childs and the original kite powered, off-road, in-line skates... the Wheels Of Doom! Vaults of kite traction information and media - photo galleries, videos, slide shows, articles, discussion forum, kite skating, kite surfing, kite buggying, kite skiing, kite boarding. Off-road, in-line kite skating with lessons and building instructions by Bob Childs plus kite traction photos, videos, articles, forum.

Extreme Kites Australia
All kite traction sports in Australia including kitesurfing kiteboarding buggying and atb. Power and traction Kiting sports including kite surfing, buggying, mountain boarding, scudding and jumping. Site features forums, kite reviews and faq.

Imperium Aer (Power Over the Wind)
For traction and power kite users from beginners upwards. Features pictures, tips for beginning kiter's and buggy pilot's with a message board and links to other kite sites.

Kite Blading
Photos, tips, forum, members area and other useful information for kite skating enthusiasts.

Kite Fanatics
Kite buggy community website featuring photos, videos, classifieds, product reviews and kite traction locations in southeast England.

Kite Masters Buggy Team
Bilingual (English & Dutch) website with pictures, facts and information about the (Dutch based) power-kite team named Kite Masters. Tweetalige website (Nederlands & Engels) met foto's van- en informatie over het (Nederlandse) vliegerteam de Kite Masters. Dutch buggy team offers an insight to power kiting in the Netherlands. Site contains sport info, photos and a buggy hot-spot map. Dutch and English.

Kite Skating / Kite Landboarding Resource Center
Kiteskating is an extreme sport using powerful controllable kites to propel skaters to speeds up to 60 mph on in-line skates, off-road skates and mountain boards. Resource info and links for building, buying, learning. Sport history, instruction, and resource links specific to kite powered skating and skateboarding.

Kite Snowboard
All about kite powered snowboarding with photos, instruction, and equipment sources.

Kite Sports on the Island of Tiree
Promoting traction kiting on the Island of Tiree. Site also contains travel information and what you can do when there is no wind.

Kite Surfing
We offer kitesurf instruction across the U.S. in all surfable locations. Our main location serves Miami, Miami Beach, Key Biscayne, and the Upper Keys. We also rent gear and repair kites.
Kites & Buggies. Nice and easy kitebuggy pages about the Kitebuggy-scene in Belgium.

KiteIreland, a site about kite flying, buggying and kitesurfing in Ireland with links, locations, gallery, for sale/wanted sections and more... Kite flying, buggying and kite surfing in Ireland with links, locations, gallery, for sale/wanted sections.

Spinnaker replacement kites. Traction kite powered sailing vessels and kite sail design. Sales, dealerships and consultancy. A determined attempt to use kites to power large and commercial ships.

Information on Parakarting, Mountainboarding, Traction Kiting and other Power Kiting Sports. A comprehensive instructional resource for all forms of power kiting. Site includes popular UK kiting locations, forum and chat.

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