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A Brief History of Snuff
Sniffing snuff was the original method of taking tobacco, first used by the American Indians. Christopher Columbus noticed them sniffing a mysterious powder during his second voyage of discovery (1494-6) and brought the substance back to Europe. Snuff from 1494 to the present day.

Ipco Snuff
Ipco Snuff is made in India. There are 2 types: standard powdered snuff and creamy snuff for application directly to the gums.

Snuff Taking
Snuffs and Snufftaking: what snuff is, varieites of snuff, where to get snuff, snuffboxes

Swedish Snus
Buy Swedish snus online. Snus (snuff) from Sweden is unique in the world. . Specific information about the unique Swedish Smokeless Tobacco Snuff - which is called "Snus".

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