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A site devoted to board games and card games of all types, from Monopoly and Scrabble to Settlers of Catan and Torres, from Spades and Uno to Bohnanza and Wyatt Earp. Includes game reviews, regular news updates, discussion boards, a free newsletter and more. Features news, free games, articles, rules, and a discussion forum.

Board Game Central
Information, rules, software, books, and links about board games, especially traditional classics such as Backgammon, Chess, and Checkers, but also commercial games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. A collection of links to online board games, including Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Othello, and WebTV games.

Board Game Webring
New, used, rare, vintage and antique Board Game Dealer Webring. Site included multi-site game search and wanted board game message board. Search updated weekly. Sources of used board games and parts.

Board Games Studies
An academic journal for historical and systematic research on board games.

Brett and Board
Danish website in English about board games with a focus on German games and Designer games. On-line gaming magazine with great articles on the best from Germany and elsewhere.

Brikker & Brett
Here you will find information and pictures of board and card games. Pictures and information about board and card games published in Norway from the seventies and up to today.

Brutal Gaming
Creates medieval warfare, and other axis and allies like games.

Club Nihon Simulation
Covering information on board-based wargames or simulation games produced in Japan including Sci-fi anime board games for Gundam saga and SF3D.

GameCaravan - Board games, games database, resource, and guide to games, gaming groups, and conventions. Find info on strategy, online, and board games in a huge database searchable ten ways. A database and guide to games, gaming groups, conventions, and links.

Kulkmann's G@mebox
Reviews of new and old boardgames, plus specials on Games Workshop, Talisman, german games and on the Lord of the Rings by Tolkien. . Extensive coverage on new and old German and English boardgames. Special features are available on Games Workshop, Talisman, Tolkien boardgames, the SPIEL convention at Essen and others.

Solo Board Games
Descriptions of board games for a single player, and multiplayer games with solo scenarios. Covers several genres, including wargames, historical, fantasy, science fiction, and sports.

Quarterly boardgaming magasin, featuring games, session report generator, and pictorials.

Spotlight on Games
Errata, variants, analysis, rules summaries, reviews, charts and background information for a variety of board games and simulations. Capsule reviews for over 800 different games. By Rick Heli.

The Board Game Designers Forum
Because the best games have yet to be created. A site for fledgling board game designers to meet, discuss and share ideas and resources.

The Game Cabinet
A monthly magazine covering board and card games with an emphasis on the European games scene. Each issue features reviews, original games, surveys of traditional games, and rule translations for new Eurogames.

The Games Journal
A monthly publication.

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