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A Guide to Roleplaying Games
Contains information and tips for both players and game masters on a range of topics.

Alex's DBZ RPG 5
A friendly roleplaying community always accepting new members. Can you survive in the world of Dragonball Z?

Angelic Layer MUSH
Set in the world of Angelic Layer anime TV series. Features a series of guides on how to play.A MUSH. No need to have seen the anime, the themefiles provide everything needed to know. It contains a unique combat system found nowhere else.

BasketballZone is free online basketball manager.

Complete RPG
Genre sorted list of games featuring links, character sheets and reference material.

Flat Earth Games
Role Playing Games and Fantasy Fonts. Features forums, online tools, downloadable fonts, and a user created world called Caeldera.

GameWyrd - RPG news, reviews and famous last words.
A resource for roleplaying with RPG chatrooms, famous last words, reviews and news. Free online fantasy games, interactive stories and links to muds and mushes. . News and reviews with forums and chatrooms.

Indie Rpgs
Dedicated to the promotion, creation, and review of independent creator-owned roleplaying systems. Also features discussion forums, articles about game design, and design resources.

Killing Monsters And Nicking Treasure
KMANT is a UK based RPG site, which is dedicated to bringing you reviews, articles, news and loads of product info on all things Roleplaying and Card Game related. Product reviews, articles, links, and a list of UK Shops.
A web community dedicated to pen and paper, table-top, role-playing games; open (free) gaming; independent publishing; general fandom; and related topics such as CCGs, TCGs, CMGs, table-top wargaming, and computer-based gaming such as MUDs, MUSHes, or MOOs. Open Gaming community featuring discussions, interactive stories, tools, articles, and news.

Pen & Paper - A collection of resources for pen and paper RPGs.
A collection of resources for pen and paper RPGs. News and reviews for current and upcoming roleplaying games. Also features a RPG Database, release dates, message board, fonts, and gaming databases for D&D, Star Wars d20, Exalted, and World of Darkness.

Roleplay Online rpg chat and forums
Offers chat, forums, and message games. Users can upload character art, and download roleplay files. - Role Playing Games.
Introduction, articles and a continuing discussion on the genres of roleplaying.

RPG Gazette - The latest industry news for the role-playing community.
The RPG Gazette is dedicated to providing the latest industry news affecting the role-playing community. The latest industry news for the roleplaying community.

RPG Host
Role-playing, war games, RPG links, archives,contests, trivia, auctions, hobby store, site promotion, free hosting. Large resource site, includes roleplaying archives, site and product reviews, newsletter, contests, forums, postcard and dice servers, extendable interactive stories, player listings, several online and PBeM games and worlds, Fellowship free site hosting.

RPG News
RPG News - Role-Playing Game News, Press, Interviews, Fan sites, Headlines, and all the scoop. Roleplaying News. Also features Interviews, fan sites and company spotlights.

RPG Resource
RPG Resource. Dedicated to supporting and enhancing roleplaying campaigns by providing company and product lists with reviews, links, and general resources.

RPG Tips
Tips, forums, and general information.

RPG United
Searchable product database with reviews for various systems. Also allows search by Author or Producer.

RPG World .
A Gamers Resource. Community resource site for players.

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