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Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Alexander Technique
Absolute Beginner's Guide to the Alexander Technique. Basic information for anyone contemplating taking lessons.

Alexander Technique
Comprehensive collection of short articles in English and French.

Alexander Technique and Physical Therapy
Alexander Technique and Physical Therapy. An exploration of the relationship between these two fields.

Alexander Technique Associates
Alexander Technique Associates - Australia. Highly rated in-depth information about the Alexander Technique. Lessons, courses, teachers and professional development training. Description and information about this method; Australian workshops and teachers.

Alexander Technique at OmPlace
The Omplace is an online gathering of spiritually conscious organizations, gathering together to create one resource. A collection of articles, weblinks, directories and forums relating to this method.

Alexander Technique Books
Alexander Technique Books - Fitness Without Stress: A Guide to the Alexander Technique. Description, excerpt, reviews and ordering information about "Fitness Without Stress - A Guide to the Alexander Technique".

Alexander Technique Centre in Belgium
The Alexander Technique is a technique for getting the best out of oneself in any situation. It concerns the basic co-ordination patterns and habits that influence every movement we make. This is the website of the Alexander Technique Centre in Belgium. Information in French and English; articles and a teachers' list.

Alexander Technique Consultants
Comprehensive Alexander Technique site shows how to reduce stress, pain and increase performance. Backsaver eases back pain. Information about the Technique; references, question board, links.

Alexander Technique Info
Alexander Technique Info - Your no-nonsense guide to the Alexander Technique!. Neutral and balanced information about the Alexander Technique.

Alexander Technique International
The most central and complete resource on theAlexander Technique--ATI (Alexander Technique International, The WorldwideProfessional Organization, with on-line teachers list, listing of books,videos, etc., on-line articles and further information and links on the Alexander Technique. ATI - Includes a collection of articles - several in French, German and Swedish - and a list of teaching members, links, and a list of books and videos.

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