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Alternative Healing
Self healing through chakra meditation and aura balancing with a quartz crystal.

Angelite Om
Angelite Om is a company specializing in Angelite.

Astro Clinic
Healing chronic diseases with gem therapy,an alternative medicine.
Chakra Stones about first chakra second chakra, third chakra, fourth chakra, fifth chakra, sixth chakra, seventh chakra gems stones and crystals. Describes the location, properties, and colors of the seven chakras. Lists their associated crystals and stones.

Crystal Energy
Boutique lithothrapie, vente en ligne des cristaux, pierres, et mineraux naturels, stages initiation ΓΏ la lithotherapie et dictionnaire des pierres. Health by stones selected natural crystals for health and meditation.

Crystal Stargazer
Providing Crystals, Gemstones or minerals chosen for their Healing properties.

Crystal Worlds
Information On Crystal Healing Meanings crystal energy grids, increase energy, how to use crystal grids, different uses of crystal gids, proper use of crystals, cystal to increase energy, permanent energy, crystal energy grid fields, suppliers of crystal energy fields. Explanation of crystal energy, meanings of various crystals. Information on how to work with Crystals.

Crystals and Mineral Specimens
Crystals, gems and minerals direct from the mines around the globe, including display specimens, large decorator pieces and polished quartz crystals of all sizes. Photographic images of 1000's of crystals and mineral specimens.

Gem and Gemstone Therapy
Extensive resource for information regarding gem therapy (gemstone therapy), specific therapeutic protocols, therapeutic quality gemstones, publications, and workshops and practitioner training. Resource for information on gem and gemstone therapy.

Gem therapy and gemstone therapy resource for therapeutic gemstones, publications, workshops and practitioner training. Gemstones for healing and awakening.

Gia Psychic Journeys
Ancient methods to release positive energies to your life with Power Crystals.

K. J. Goodman Jenkins - Qualified Crystal Therapist
Offers crystal healing using massage wands, chakra therapy, and balancing techniques. Includes information on the chakras, subtle bodies, meridian system, and five elements.

Kacha Stones
Selection of healing crystals, many hand mined and celtic.

Larimar - Jewel of the Caribbean
Specializes in Larimar, a blue-graded gem variant of pectolite.

Light Workers
About an unusual and powerful quartz crystal called the Grid of Light.

Psychic Healer
Site offers distant crystal healing.

Rev. Dr Dianne Weinberger
Crystal healing and Reiki metaphysical teacher, recognised training course.

The Crystal Tarot Center
Holistic healing website enables one to understand the mind/body connection.

The Crystal Tiger
This site contains information about crystal healing and certificate classes.

The Healing Llegends of Crystals and Minerals
Crystal,minerals,gemstones and their use in alternative healing.

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