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Alicia Sirkin
[Miami, USA] Bach Flower Essence practitioner and teacher. Phone and e-mail consultations available.

Angelic Essences
Vibrational remedies from the angelic realm. Includes angelic, shamanic essences for people, animals and environments. Introduction to their use.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
We build profitable and professional online stores and e-commerce solutions. We provide complete solutions for your business designed and built by our e-commerce experts. Our shopping sites are affordable, professional and simple to operate. Details of the properties of each of Ian White's essences and combinations, as well as details of workshops around the world.

Bach Centre
The Bach Centre home page: definitive information about Dr Edward Bach and Bach Flower Remedies, including educational opportunities and publications. Extensive information about Dr. Edward Bach and the Bach Flower Remedies, including educational opportunities and publications.

Bergakungens Gem and Mineral Salves
Healingsalvor och elixir, gjorda av ?delstenar och mineraler. Healing-salves and elixirs made from gems and stones. Gem-salves, made with gem-powder and elixirs (essences) as described by Gurudas, and a full users-guide. Information and links.

British Association of Flower Essence Producers
Access to a complete listing of flower and vibrational essence producers in the UK.

British Flower and Vibrational Essences Association
British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association for practitioners and producers. Information, community, insurance. An association of practitioners and producers of esssences in the UK. Information about gatherings, membership details and application form.

We offer online consultation for correcting emotional imbalance based on the principles of Bach Flower Therapy and recommend a customized essence program for eliminating Unwanted Thoughts and Negative emotions from the Personality. Consultations by filling in an online form which is diagnosed by an organisation based in India.

Delta Gardens
Flower essence therapy is an alternative medicine similar to homeopathy, used for stress relief, spiritual healing, spiritual growth and empowerment. It is a natural therapy using vibrational medicine. Massachusetts center for essence research, education and product development. Online sale of flower essence products. Also practitioner courses and consultations.

Flower Essence Energy
We provide custom personal formulas, and private label Spa and professional body care packages. Our products are formulated from pure, natural, botanical essential oils, exceptional Flower Essence and highly refined carrier oils. Maggie Smith's email readings and custom flower essence formulations. Also detailed women's rituals to follow when using essences described.

Harmony Flower Essences
100% Pure Water Flower Essences, Gem Essences, Tree Essences, Star Essences. and Personalized Formulas. Descriptions of range of flower, tree, gem and star essences with printable order form.

Healing is Essential
Las Vegas based practitioner Bryana C. Hillman provides information on the use of remedies and individualized consultations.

Himalayan Flower Enhancers
Himalayan Flower Enhancers - Flower essences made from wild flowers growing in remote Himalayan valleys. Experience the healing power of nature with essences made in the most vibrant and majestic mountains on earth. The healing and meditational value of these essences. How they came about, help in choosing and ordering details.

International Association of Flower Essence Producers
A cooperative of flower essence producers founded in October of 1997 dedicated to maintaining high standards of flower essence preparation and research and increasing understanding of flower essences worldwide through communication, education and outreach programs. Details of the mission of a cooperative dedicated to maintaining preparation standards and increasing understanding of flower essences worldwide.

Living Essences of Australia
Living Essences of Australia provide a range of Australian alternative medicines based on natural flower essences. These natural therapy products treat a range of physical, mental and spiritual ailments or illnesses. Details of range produced in Western Australia.

Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences
The reference source for anyone interested in learning about Morningstar Flower and Vibrational Essences and how to select and use them for emotional harmony and spiritual well-being. Variety of articles and information about essences. Consultations available.

New Millennium Flower Essences
Powerful new flower essences from New Millennium Flower Essences of New Zealand, Innovative new flower essences, beautiful pictures of the flowers, free online healing, modern-day equivalents to the Bach Flowers, and more. Flower and gem essences from New Zealand and articles and background to flower essences generally. No online ordering.

Shell Essences
Shell Essences & Coral Essences for emotional support. Workshops, health beauty products online. Worldwide supplier of shell and coral essences - Sydney Australia. Light healing essences made vibrationally from specific seashells. Details about the remedies, workshops, practitioners and purchasing.

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