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We have Ionic air purifier, air odor cleaners and air purifiers!. A database of holistic healthcare practitioners located throughout the United States. Feature Articles section and Calendar of Events for health-related events in your area.

Alliance for Natural Health
The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH), formerly Free Choice for Supplements Alliance, was formed in February 2002 as a result of concerns of complementary medical practitioners, innovative food supplement and herbal product manufacturers an consumers about possible negative impacts of Food Supplements Directive on consumer health and complementary medicine. Pan-European and international organisation with a mission to protect access to innovative, safe and effective dietary supplements.

Alternative Medicine Information - Herbal Remedies
Find traditional and alternative medicine resources. Improve your health with evidence based science articles and information. Alternative medicine guide for various diseases.

American Holistic Health Association
American Holistic Health Association - empowering health consumers. AHHA is a national clearing house for self-help resouces promoting health and well-being. Nonprofit, volunteer organization providing resource and networking lists and informational articles. Provides an extensive list of alternative health practitioners, health resource links, as well as self help tools.

Anita's Garden
Anita's Garden is devoted to sharing information about living in harmony with nature (Holistic Health and Beauty). General information about living in harmony with nature. Provides natural recipes and herb uses.

Biological Terrain
Biological Terrain Analysis, Biological Terrain Assessment - worldwide acclaimed courses by Han van de Braak (Integrated Medicine Practice). Information on live blood microscopy and Biological Terrain Analysis.

Calming Touch
Features treatment through aromatherapy massage, reflexology and Indian Head massage.

Center University, Alternative Medicine And Health Education
Center University, We provide world class alternative health education, Alternative medicine information as well as Vitamins, Suppliments and Herbs. Provides alternative health education, alternative medicine information in the form of 101 courses.

A unified system of Alchemy, Psychology, Myths, Philosophy, Genetics, Archetypes, Ritual, and Hypnosis. Health philosophy based on the principles of psychology.

Chinese Medicinal Food Therapy
Let us empower you with the knowledge and know-how to use food as medicine and to eat purposely for sickness prevention and cure. Promotes the Chinese knowledge of using natural foods and herbs as medicine to prevent and treat sickness.

Connecticut Holistic Health Association
Supporting a wide scope of holistic practitioners while promoting partnerships with conventional medicine, academia, industry and government agencies throughout Connecticut

Dharma Healing
,,,Mambo - the dynamic portal engine and content management system. An international community sharing knowledge about alternative health and healing.

Dr. Eliaz provides experienced guidance for health and longevity
dr isaac eliaz, a leader in integrative medicine and formulator of dietary supplements, provides health information and alternative health news and recommendations. . Features searchable database of research and information about integrative and alternative medicine.

Dr. Ursula Anderson - Beyond the Genome
Discusses contents of books and philosophy of how mind, body and spirit are intertwined. Explains ways to promote good health for children and adults.

Easy Growing
EasyGrowing: A holistic approach to Well-being - A way to perfect balance - A way of life. Founded by Elisabetta Ghermandi. Dedicated to personal growth and well-being, through breathwork, counselling, firewalking, nutrition, Ayurveda and more. Dedicated to personal growth and well-being through breathwork, counselling, firewalking, nutrition, and Ayurveda.
Provides information on healthy eating with an emphasis on enzymes.

Esoteric Ferret
Our site strives to provide information to aid in the development and understanding of the mind, body and soul. Exploring methods and alternative medicines. Links to topics dealing with aromatherapy, herbology, vitamins, homeopathy, holistic medicine, allergies, migraines, asthma, diet and nutrition.

Eternity Medicine
Information on Eternity Medicine with a focus on anti-aging.

Euro-American Health
Pleomorphism, acid base, and the Isopathic Medicine of Enderlein explain chronic diseases. Base powder deals with causes not symptoms. Educational information on Chronic Degenerative Disease.

Euro-American Health
Educational information on Chronic Degenerative Disease.

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