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Anti Stress Center
Stress management, therapy, courses, acupuncture and Chinese medicine.

Boston Hypnosis
Information on self-improvement and gaining confidence.

Choice Insights
QCommerce ESolutions. Provides holographic strategies to support, inspire and highlight the possibility of possibilities, abundance and beauty of life for personal and global transformation.

Deep Relaxation Induction
How to do hypnosis. Created by Barry Butzloff. Explanation of what hypnosis is and an online hypnosis session.

Deep Trance Now
Learn hypnosis for the 21st century, listen to free hypnosis downloads, read free newsletter with hypnosis techniques not found on any other hypnosis website; learn how to hypnotize yourself and others; learn to access the infinite love, power and wisdom and create a successful life you'd love living. Dedicated to all aspects of hypnosis, hypnotherapy and NLP. Self-hypnosis, scripts, books, e-books, audios, training, marketing a hypnosis practice.

Emotional Release Therapy
A new technique whereby the hypnotherapist is able to assist the client in eliminating negative emotions and feelings without the necessity of re-living nor remembering the causes.

Fayad, Sandra
Sandra Fayad Hypnotherapy. Practitioner in Victoria, Canada. Information on hypnosis, and self-hypnosis.

Greg McHugh C HT
Hypnotherapy, past life regression and healing with transpersonal psychotherapy.

Hypnosis in a Counseling Strategy
Hypnosis. Rational Suggestion Therapy (RST) article as first seen in Medical Hypnoanalysis, 1984. Outlines the use of hypnosis in cognitive-behavioral counseling.

Hypnosis in Media
An informative web site that shows the difference between how the media represents facets of hypnosis and its real life applications and practice.

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