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Advanced Magnetic Research Institute
Clinic for magnetic molecular energizing, physician profiles, clinical data, and book reviews.

AMRI of North Carolina
The Advanced Magnetic Research Institute of North Carolina (AMRI) provides treatments for a variety of disorders using a new device, the MME (Magnetic Molecular Energizer) which is similar to an MRI scanner. List of conditions they treat with MME(magnetic molecular energizing), nutrition guidelines, and staff profiles.

Bio Electro Magnetic Therapy
Bio Electro Magnetic Therapy - Online community for the support and promotion of balance and harmony through the use of natural and magnetic therapy. Message forum, therapy testimonials, and research articles.

Biomagnetic Therapy
Learn about biomagnetic therapy, the use of medical or therapy magnets to relieve pain and improve health. This website features the history of magnetic therapy, how magnet therapy works, and how to use biomagnetic therapy products, such as bracelets, necklaces, backbraces, etc. Includes history, how it works, testimonials, and how to use magnetic therapy products.

Biomagnetic Therapy Association
The Biomagnetic Therapy Association provides support, research, education, a clinic & a store since 1995. Application, news, and case studies.

Body Vibes
Rife CD Sysytem, Alternative Medicine, Electromagnetic Therapy, Cancer. Electromagnetic "alternative" treatment for prostate and breast cancer.

Healing with Magnets
Articles on therapy techniques, magnetic water, and history.

Magnetic Therapy
Magnetic therapy, the natural way to kill pain and live you life again. Learn how to fight pain naturally with magnets.

Magnetic Therapy
Easyspace offers domain ownership from just $5 per year. Free and low cost web hosting packages. Over 500,000 clients world-wide MySQL database support, Real Audio and Video streaming. Great domain and hosting reseller packages. Basics of how it works, controlling pain, animal and human study results.

Magnetic Therapy Living
This is a comprehensive and informative health guide about the usage of magnet therapy for healthy living. This site shows you how it works, why it works, and tips and techniques that you can use everyday.

Nederland Biomagnetics
Articles about the treatment of diseases and comments from patients.

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