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Aston Enterprises
System of individualized bodywork, movement education, and ergonomic coaching.

Bodymind Integration
The Healing and Transformation of Bodymind. Bodymind Integration is a way of helping individuals change simultaneously in their bodies, feelings and thoughts. Several articles and background information on Postural Integration, Energetic Integration and Pelvic-Heart Integration.

BoMi Body/Mind/Spirit Guide: Massage Therapy & Bodywork Therapy, Mental & Emotions Therapies, Spiritual Therapy/Paths. A guide to over various methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, links and addresses to practitioners and institutes. A guide to over 80 body-centered methods of healing and personal growth. Related books, links and addresses to practitioners and institutes.

Chrysalis Massage & Bodywork
New York City clinic specialising in Lymph Drainage Therapy.

Tips, Pointers, and Information for Health and Wellness. A weblog by a licensed therapist covering massage therapy, health and wellness.

Massage and Bodywork Resource Center
Massage & Bodywork Centre - learn massage & bodywork, massage therapy, massage supplies, massage schools, massage associations. Offering information on practitioners, techniques, books and supplies, associations, and a message board.

Massage Listings
Massage Therapist Nationwide classifieds in all cities and states providing all types of massages at discount rates . Nationwide (USA) classifieds. Search by state or type of massage.

Massage Magazine
MASSAGE Magazine's mission is to provide to massage and touch therapists the tools, information and resources to help them succeed both in their businesses and their session rooms. An internationally circulated trade publication covering the art and science of massage, bodywork and related healing arts.

Massage Network
Massage Network is a world-wide listing of massage therapists, dedicated to promoting and professionalizing massage and massage therapists. Find a therapist, list your business, read book and product reviews.

Massage Register
Massage Therapy web site dedicated to providing information about massage therapy, massage therapists, massage schools and other massage related topics. Massage therapy resources including details about massage therapists, bodyworkers, massage therapy schools, associations, license and certification requirements, continuing education.

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