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Allied Vaccine Group
A group of websites dedicated to providing reliable information on vaccines and vaccination and unbiased vaccine news. Dedicated to providing reliable information on vaccines and vaccination based on scientific research and unbiased vaccine and vaccination news.

Childhood Immunizations
Information about immunizations and the diseases they protect against, plus links to information and community resources regarding vaccines.

Every Child By Two
Every Child By Two - The Carter/Bumpers Campaign for Early Immunizations strives to raise awareness of the critical need for timely immunizations and establish a systematic method to ensure the immunization of all of America's children by the age of two. Raises awareness of the importance of getting children fully immunized by the time they are two years old by educating health care workers and the general public. Includes a list of 'barriers' to immunization and their solutions.

Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
A partnership dedicated to ensuring that all children have equal access to vaccines to prevent illness and death from vaccine preventable illnesses.

Immunisation Advisory Centre in New Zealand
National Immunisation Advisory Centre - immunisation, vaccination, child health information for parents and health professionals. Offers unbiased information to the public and health professionals on all aspects of childhood immunisation against infectious diseases.

Immunization Action Coalition
The Immunization Action Coalition and the Hepatitis B Coalitiondisseminate information on prevention and treatment of Hepatitis B and childhood and adult immunizations. Provides information to help promote childhood and adult immunizations, with information about vaccine safety, myths, vaccine information statements, questions, schedules, and state immunization laws.

Immunization Gateway
Your comprehensive link to the most up-to-date, expert immunization resources available via the Internet. Use this site as the jumping-off point for the best in vaccine and antibody information. Offers a wide variety of resources, including international vaccine recommendations, adverse event reporting, training, and information on numerous specific vaccine-preventable diseases such as plague, cholera, rabies, and rotavirus.

National Network for Immunization Information
A comprehensive site that provides up-to-date,science-based immunization information to parents, healthcare professionals, media, policymakers and the public. Includes state by state requirements and newsbriefs.

Vaccine Education Center
Information on immunizations for children, teens and adults, including general questions, research, and a vaccination schedule. Includes information about each vaccine, and answers to important questions, such as 'Are Vaccines Safe?' and 'Are Vaccines Still Necessary?'

Vaccine Information for the Public and Health Professionals
Articles on the different diseases that can be prvented by immunization and the safety of immunizations.

Provides vaccine information and an interactive program which will create an immunization schedule for any child or adolescent under 21 years of age.

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