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About com
THE starting place for exploring Allergies. A starting place for information on allergies, intolerance and sensitivities.

All Allergy Net
ALL ALLERGY: categorised information gateway for articles, symptoms and treatments of allergies. Provides information on symptoms, medication, and treatment.

Allergy Advice
Benadryl allergy treatment advice, antihistamines for pollen, dust, dog, cat and pet allergy. Includes hayfever allergy treatment advice, latest pollen count forecast and children's allergies solution. Information about dust, pollen, and pet allergies including hayfever treatment. From Benadryl.

Allergy Authority
Allergys - From dog allergies and cat allergies to mold mildew allergy symptoms and antihistamines; everything you need to know to treat your allergies. Articles and videos on allergy research and treatment options.

Allergy Newswire
Allergy Newswire is a resource of articles related to allergies, hay fever, pollen, and mold. Provides archive of articles on allergies and a free monthly newsletter with the latest allergy, hay fever, and pollen information.

Allergy Now
A portal designed with the allergy community in mind. Numerous links to information.

Allergy Nursing
Ask a nurse questions about allergy symptoms, relief, and treatment; answers in newsletter and online at website. An allergy nurse answers questions and provides patient-education material from a nursing perspective, and offers a discussion group for allied health or technicians in this field.

Allergy Prevention Center
educational news, articles, information and research dealing with allergies, hay fever, pollen, and allergy prevention. A compilation of news, articles and research results for people suffering from allergies.

Allergy Times
Allergy and asthma articles -- food allergies, environmental allergies, children and allergy, allergy news, coping and support tips, and allergy book and product reviews.

Avoid Nasal Allergies
Learn about airborne allergens and how to minimize allergy symptoms the natural way with little to no drug use to improve your quality of life.

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