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About Sleep Disorders
Discusses the types of sleep disorders, and how anxiety and diet may influence rest. Suggests keeping a daily record and taking a polysomnography test (sleep study).

Site provides users with individualized, sleep information and advice.

Horlicks is a delicious and nourishing malted food drink, which can make you sleep better at night. People have drunk Horlicks as their bed-time ritual for many years. Advice to help you get to sleep, a sleep diary to monitor sleep patterns, dream interpretations, downloadable alarm clock. Advice on exercise, stress-busting and staying calm.

How To Stop Snoring
Information on the causes of snoring, health risks and various treatment options.

Neuronic WEB Site covering all points between sleep and wakefulness and insomnia to sleepiness. A sleep and wakefulness miscellany. International Classification of Sleep Disorders, a guide to British sleep societies, resources, Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service and WWW sleep survey.

Put an End to Snoring
We list hundreds of snoring cures and remedies. Take our interactive questionnaire to help determine which snoring remedy is most likely to work for you. An objective resource features an exclusive questionnaire that will suggest remedies appropriate for your type. Includes a list of remedies and details about each.

Sleep and Health
A resource for information on sleep disorders, alertness, mood and performance designed to educate, inform and help. A resource dedicated to advancing the public's knowledge of sleep disorders, alertness, mood, performance and other health related issues.

Sleep Disorder Channel
Welcome to Sleep Disorder Channel, your source for information on diagnosis and treatment for such conditions as, Insomnia, Bruxism, Restless Leg Syndrome, Narcolepsy, Jet Lag, and Sleep Apnea. News, videos, chats and various resources on sleep disorders.

Sleep Disorders
Articles and links to information on sleep and sleep disorders, everything from sleep apnea to night sweats to sleep deprivation and insomnia. Descriptions, symptoms, treatment, of various sleep disorders. Over a hundred articles on the topic. Sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, insomnia. New Material added weekly.

Sleep Disorders Guide
A comprehensive information guide about sleep disorders.

Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask. Open Sleep Forum. SleepNet links to over 200 sites. Come on in and check it out. Everything you wanted to know about sleep disorders but were too tired to ask. Open Sleep Forum. SleepNet links to over 200 sites.

Talk About Sleep
Sleep disorder community providing authoritative sleep information and live sleep disorder support: news, chat rooms, message boards, and articles. A sleep health community providing medicine news, information, and interactive support through nightly moderated chats and message boards. Informative for professionals, patients and others interested in sleep.

The Sleep Connection
A network of home healthcare providers who specialize in sleep therapy products and services supports this site. These dealer/providers partner in the communities they serve, with Primary care Physicians and technicians in sleep labs, which perform diagnostic tests for sleep disorders.?? These sleep professionals work together to identify, diagnose and treat people with sleep disorders. Help may be only a zip code away. Offers information about sleep anpnea and other sleep disorders. Search by zip code to find your nearest sleep center.

Vital Sleep
Offers testing for sleep disorders. Includes patient education and a support network.

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