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Coalition on Donation
A not-for-profit alliance of national organizations and local coalitions across the United States dedicated to educating the public about organ and tissue donation.

Gift of a Lifetime
The Gift of a Lifetime is an educational documentary about organ donation, tissue donation and organ transplants in the United States. An educational, web documentary about organ and tissue donation and transplantation. Includes the Interactive Body, student resources and information about becoming a donor.

International Association for Organ Donation
! Association for organ donation- organ donation, tissue donors, organ transplantation, donor registry, transplant association, donor cards, tissue transplant, save live association, iaod, international association for organ donation. Information and resources for organ transplant candidates, recipients, donors, and their families.

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients
Providing reports and data on solid organ transplantation, as well as a transplantation primer, glossary, and research resources. Providing reports and data on solid organ transplantation, as well as a transplantation primer, glossary, and research resources.

Students for Organ Donation
Student organization to promotes awareness of organ donation on college campuses.

Talk Transplant
A UK-based site with updates and information for recipients of organ transplants.

The Never Ending Gift
Organ and tissue transplant information links to informational sites as well as personal experience sites from donor families and recipients. Become an organ/tissue donor and give the Never Ending Gift of life. Links to organ and tissue transplantation. How to become an organ donor.

Transplant Awareness, Inc.
An educational organization which also raises funds for transplant awareness.

Transplant Resource Page
Informative links for people with a transplant or for those who face one in the future.

Transplant Speakers International, Inc.
A non-profit organization solely comprised of transplant recipients and organ and tissue donor families. Offers a unique speakers' training program designed specifically for donor family and transplant recipients.

United Network for Organ Sharing
UNOS oversees the national database of clinical transplant information and operates the computerized organ sharing system, matching donated organs to patients registered on the national organ transplant waiting list. Nonprofit organization which coordinates U.S. organ transplant activities. The UNOS Web site contains information and statistics about organ transplantation.

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