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Lists and reviews books, software, online resources, and popular diet programs.

Arbor Nutrition Guide
The world's largest catalogue of nutrition resources on the Internet, particularly suited to health professionals. Guide to nutrition resources on the Internet including food science, clinical nutrition, ancient diets, and functional foods.

Balance Your Nutrition
Improve your nutrition and health with quality nutrition analysis, using latest bioanalysis for optimum nutrition with respect to minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients. Includes hair mineral analysis, cholesterol test, news, information and free diet analysis. Bioanalysis for better nutrition including hair mineral and cholesterol analysis. Also has health news concerning essential nutrients.

British Meat Education Service
The British Meat Education Service (BMES) is committed to innovative, informative and trustworthy food-related education in Britain. Teaching materials, links to information on courses, and learning activities, including quizzes.

Cellular Nutrition
Acu-Cell research data on vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, diets, supplements and MLM products, the nutritional status of various medical conditions, and Spiritual Health. Includes scientific data related to intracelluar chemistry such as nutrition disorders, diets and MLM, and mineral ratios.
Information about nutrition, diet, and eating disorders. Part of the ALtruis Biomedical Network.

Nutrition software for Macintosh et PcLogiciel de nutrition pour Macintosh et PC. Nutrition shareware with downloads for estimating ideal weight, caloric requirements, and monitoring daily food intake.

Dr. Rath Research
Database with nutritional therapies and recommendations for common diseases. Includes books (pdf format) and clinical studies for nutrients.

Energy Ent- Nutrition Industry Experts
Specializing in nutrition analysis and labeling regulations for food products, restaurant menus, cookbook recipes, and camera-ready Nutrition Facts Panels. Offers recipe analysis, consulting, cooking workshops, products, and nutrition education for the food and nutrition consumer.
diet, Eating Healthy, Start Exercising, Start a Supplementation Program. Articles regarding weight loss, blood sugar control, strength, sports, anti-aging, and use of herbal supplements.

Goji juice
Learn about the powerful wellness benefits of goji, goji berries, and the Original Himalayan Goji Berry Juice.

Health through Nutrition
Health through Nutrition is dedicated to maintaining optimum health through diet analysis and specific, personalized dietary and supplementary recommendations for improvement. Offers diet analyses for over 100 nutrients with specific, personalized recommendations for making changes to achieve optimum health.

Healthy and Fit
We provide insights on ways to protect and promote your health and fitness as well as valuable advice from leading business professionals who share tips for creating a prosperous life. Discover some of the most dramatic products in the preventive health care, anti-aging and personal care industries. Free weekly HealthynFit Ezine and QuickTips for Health. Discusses issues concerning health and wellness, fitness, weight loss, and herbal therapy. Has newsletter and online E-zine.
A comprehensive site linking visitors to credible info on healthy eating and fitness topics including: guidelines, vegetarianism, food safety, weight loss, disease prevention, alternative nutrition, fitness, sports nutrition and low-fat recipes. Stresses promotion of healthy eating habits, many related articles.

Herbals Pharma
Natural pain relief and Natural allergy remedies, compare & buy at most discounted price at HerbalsPharma. Natural pain relief and Natural allergy remedies provide immediate relief from pain and allergies. So find, compare & buy Natural pain relief and Natural allergy remedies on leading brands such as Now Foods, Natrol, Muscle-Tech, Solgar, Nature's way and Twinlab at wholesale prices.

InnerShine provides information and support for people with Vestibular Disorders, including Meniere's Disease. Diet and Nutrition is also discussed, and includes free Food Tracker and diet calculators. Support Talk Forums for Meniere's and Diet. Offers a food planner based on dietary exchanges, information on vestibular disorders, and a message board community.

Kellogg's Al Arabi
Arabic and English healthy eating, lifestyle, nutrition, and dietary advice. Games, quizzes and downloads for kids. Lesson plans for teachers. Articles on health, fitness, diet, and nutrition. Also has games, quizzes, and forums for kids with tools and lesson plans for teachers.
Learn about the Ten Pillars of Health, Browse our list of Vitamins and Minerals available for various ailments and conditions, and learn how to become more healthy to reduce the aging process at Your source for healthier living, vitamins and minerals, and slowing the aging process.

NuTrak - Nutrition, Diet & Fitness Software
Unique journal software that can be used for any self improvement program.

Nutrition Explorations
Offers nutrition information for teachers and school foodservice professionals and families.

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