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Web-based patient safety resource and journal that showcases patient safety lessons drwan from actual cases of medical errors; site includes cases of medical errors, expert commentaries, and a users' forum.

Alliance for Human Research Protection
National network to advance responsible and ethical medical research practices and empowers patients with information they need to make informed research choices.

American Iatrogenic Association
The American Iatrogenic Association is devoted to publicizing and reducing medical errors. Focuses on the study and reporting of medical errors that lead to disease and death; includes links to related sites and resources.

Australian Patient Safety Foundation
Australian Patient Safety Foundation provides leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all health care environments, and provides incidentreporting and monitoring systems. Provides leadership in the reduction of harm to patients in all health care environments and provides incident reporting and monitoring systems. Collects de-identified incident report data for inclusion in an aggregated database that facilitates comparative research.

Colorado Patient Safety Coalition
Home page for coalition of healthcare professionals and organizations formed to promote patient safety in Colorado.

Global Med-ID System
The GlobalMed ID system is the first one that provides a globally working health ID system with inter-operability, combining all elements of the smart card technology with those elements of the CD technology. Provides a medical information system with immediate worldwide compatibility. System utilizes existing Internet/Intranet technology and unique controls providing the foremost level of security.

HCA Patient Safety
Provides a range of health and wellness services for the Nashville community. Site also contains medical information, interactive health features, and employment opportunities. Describes this US hospital chain's medication and patient safety practices, and provides general information about the subject.

Institute for Self-Directed Care
Promotes clinical research, consumer education and advocacy for self-directed, patient-centered health care; site includes consulting services and links to relevant resources.

IPRO Quality Improvement Organization
Assesses quality of health care for federal and state agencies, providers, managed care organizations, commercial insurers, Fortune 500 companies, business coalitions and unions. Services include utilization review, study design, data analysis, and claim review.

Maryland Patient Safety
Supports regional patient safety initiatives by encouraging collaborative efforts, disseminating current knowledge relating to patient safety, and developing a formal structure for activities.

A Miss Brook's Company. Providing Medical Alert IDs for Children and Adults. Offers alternative medical identification items; products include a variety of character, sports-related and other pendants with the medical information on the back.

Offers consolidated medical information, allergies and prescription drugs for health care providers.

National Patient Safety Agency
Promotes an open culture in hospitals, encouraging doctors and other staff to report incidents and "near misses," when things almost go wrong. Encourages staff to report incidents without fear of personal reprimand and know that by sharing their experiences others will be able to learn lessons and improve patient safety. The change of emphasis is more about the "how" than the "who."

National Patient Safety Foundation
Information, research, and resources on professional, consumer, and systems issues related to patient safety. The online discussion forum is devoted to development of a safer health care system.

National Quality Forum
Promotes change through development and implementation of a national strategy for health care quality measurement and reporting.

p4ps-Partnership for Patient Safety
A patient-centered intitiative to advance the reliability of healthcare systems worldwide. Includes videos, audio cassettes, and CD-ROM training tools.

Partnership for Human Research Protection
Provides accreditation to protect the safety and rights of participants in clinical trials and research programs in public and private hospitals, academic medical centers, and other research facilities in the United States and abroad.

Patient Safety Center of Inquiry
Supports clinicians in providing safe patient care by designing and testing clinical innovations, technological solutions, and patient safety improvement systems. Research targets the frail elderly and persons with disabilities.

Patient Safety First
Assists perioperative nurses, managers and practitioners in providing safe patient care. Offers resources related to patient safety in surgical settings, including lists of educational products and resources, articles, and links to national patient safety initiatives.

Patient Safety Institute
Patient Safety Institute (PSI) is a non-profit, consumer-oriented organization to provide secure real time access to clinical information at the point of care. Provides real-time, secure, patient-centric clinical information in five areas critical for delivering quality care: diagnoses, laboratory results, medications, allergies and immunizations.

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