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Australian Food Safety Web
Provides tips, facts and information.

Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education
National association of public and private organizations committed to educating Canadians about the ease and importance of food safety in the home.

Fight Bac!
Information about cross-contamination and how bacteria spreads.

Food Safety Info Line
A team of professionals with expertise in home food safety issues waiting to answer your questions. Food safety, storage and preparation. Series of factsheets about the safe handling of food. Also provides a hotline to call with questions.

Food Safety Monitor
Provides information about meat recalls and meat alternatives from news sources, articles, and government information.

Gateway to US Government Food Safety Information
Provides links to selected government food safety-related information. Most US government web sites are listed.

Home Food Safety
Site designed to provide food safety education so that you don't invite foodborne illness into your kitchen, BBQ or Potluck. Don't let foodborne illnesses like E.coli, Salmonella or Hepatitis A ruin your day. Lists common sources of infection in food and invites questions by email.

Home Food Safety...It's in Your Hands
Premier source for home food safety statistics; Home Food Safety educates about food borne illness - food poisoning; and provides safe food handling information and tips. Site offers extensive information on the subject.

National Food Safety Database
An educational resource put together by the National Food Safety Database team, United States Department of Agriculture, and the University of Florida. It has a database of industry and consumer information, and news on safety issues from around the world.

Information about anthrax, general bacteriology, systematic bacteriology, quick and modern food, analytical methods, physiology, yeasts and moulds, contaminants, health related nutritional informations. Author: Karl Heinz Wilm. Information on contents of packaged food.

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