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10 Layout Rules
Ten "rules" for the creation of a site layout.

An HTML Tutorial
A tutorial in web page design for computer-illiterate kids.

Cheap web hosting
Cheap Web Hosting Services for Business & Homes.

Computer Tutorial For Kids - Teach me computers.
Includes lessons on computer types, input/output devices, storage, and applications.
Provides a tutorial, glossary, and a history of computers.

Interactive Web Design learning tool for kids and Educators. HTML for kids, schools and educators. Learn in a safe enviornment. Interactive Web Design tool for kids and educators. Registration required.

Humpherlinks - Children's Resource Directory.
Resource directory for parents, children, teachers, carers and all involved with the well-being of children world wide.

KidCompute : Computers for Kids.
Offers tutorials on using a computer and making a website. Includes a history of computers and a glossary.

Layout Land
Offers many different layouts and graphics. Also includes HTML generators and website building resources.

Magitek Designs
Magitek Designs is a free layout shop. It has layouts, html and css help, and free graphics for you to download. Lots of graphic tutorials as well, to help you create the best website you can possibly make. Help with website design including tutorials, graphics and layouts.

Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab
Teaches elementary students about computer tasks including saving, email, computer decorating and the internet.

Paw Island Entertainment, Inc. Responsible Entertainment for Kids.
Paw Island - The magical island of dogs and cats. Wholesome Internet games,activities, comics for children k-6. Kids have fun while learning through character building stories, CD's and videos. Learn all about how the World Wide Web works while exploring Paw Island.

Site O Rific
Site O Rific specializes in small business website development for the building trade professional.

Teen Developers
Provides resources for teen web developers, including tutorials in HTML, JavaScript, StyleSheets, Visual Basic, AppleScript, IRC and C++.

The Legion Post
The first internet search engine for domain offers, which are for sale. We have over 1.500.000 domains in our database. If you have domains/URLs to offer, place your free ad here!. Find various different chat scripts for use on your own web site.

Virtual Mechanics
Developers of fine HTML, DHMTL, and SVG Editors for the Creation of Interactive Websites and Mobile Content. A site for people interested in WYSIWYG design and so forth.

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