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A Quantum Chromodynamics QCD Site
A Quantum Chromodynamics QCD Site, quantum physics, quantum mind, and Ingeneza - primordial genetic information coded with configurations of QCD in atoms.

Alternative Concepts
Alternative ideas articles on Cosmology, Astronomy, Geophysics, Origin of Mankind, Imagination, Human Sexuality, Space, Gravity, Inertia and a lot more.

Alternative science and scientific anomalies
Challenging the myths of the scientific establishment - including neo-Darwinism - by controversial writer, journalist and broadcaster Richard Milton.

Anomalies & Enigmas Forum
A message board, library, and chat area for such subjects as space-time transient, forbidden artifacts, lost civilizations, dreaming universe, paradigm metamorphosis, unidentified objects in air and water, close encounters, and other unusual events.

Digital Biology
Compares a microprocessor architecture to the genetic code.

Earth Mysteries Egyptology Archaeology
Welcome to The Noise Room, Ancient History, Modern Mysteries and New Research including BOLs, Stone Circles, Ancient Sites, Hoaxers and Hoaxing, Crop Circles, UFO's, Archaeo-Astronomy, Archaeology, Egyptology, Earth Mysteries. Rob Speight gathers news and information on modern mysteries, ancient history and the new research.
Environmental anomalies. Updated reports about science, medicine, the environment and real X-Files.
Alternative Therapies - Electro-Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Nutritional Therapies, Colloidal Silver, etc. Protection from new emerging diseases & biological attack through immunity boosting. A free educational forum dedicated to the dissemination of accurate information in the use of natural, non pharmaceutical medicines and alternative healing therapies in the treatment of disease conditions. Hidden science, free energy, Earth changes.

Examination and Solution of Information Aspects of Entity
Examination and Solution of Information Aspects of Entity. Direct Sanction of CREATOR. Outside of temporary and Outside of space modelling. Information from Divine Hierarchy of Superior Order.

Interspecies Communication
Society engaged in efforts to communicate with higher level, nonhumans such as whales and dolphins.

Kirlian Research Network
Features kirlian aura photographs and information about consulting services offered.

An interdisciplinary exploration of myth, science, and planetary catastrophe. A fundamental paradigm shift. Interdisciplinary investigations.

My Lal Kitab Upay provides online remedies to your problem through Lal Kitab
Lal Kitab Jyotish Karyalya is your one-stop shop for remedies for all your problems. Headed by Mr Kamal Kishore, a known and renowned astrologer with an experience of more than 20 years, he recommends sure remedies that are based on your horoscope. Having solved problems of people when they seemed unsolvable, Mr Kishore has made a name for himself by incorporating the famed knowledge of Lal Kitab. No wonder, Mr Kishore is also the face of Sadhna Channel and Total TV.

Native Future
Informational links relating to alternative sciences, histories and beliefs for a new era.
Site presents the argument that the DNA helix theory is incorrect.

We empower people to be healthy, free, know their own will, and allow other's the same. We share information about Magick, religious freedom, and a wide range of beliefs. You may help improve conditions for yourself and others through FREE services in our site. Alchemy, magic, readings, old secrets, new discoveries. A variety of topics, including alchemy, history.

OSIR - International Centre for Ultra Science, Space, Oceans, UFO, Aliens, Paranormal Activities. Astronomy, space exploration, ghosts, and aliens.

Speculation on variety of topics and research - including UFOs, human origins, government hypocrisy and corruption, errors in widely accepted scientific principles, misuses of science, and possible conspiracies.
Physics with everything made of pirinions and electrinions, and a theory of life based on the psychoatom. Files downloaded in zip format.
Downloads, strategies and discussion relating to the Imperialism games, especially Imp2. Imperialism is a turn-based strategy game centered on the struggle for power in Europe while at the same time developing (ok, exploiting) the New World. E-publisher concentrating on alternative science, history and medicine. Rocket, Softbook and PDF formats.

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