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Astronomical Data Center
Astronomical Data Center, ADAC, NAOJ. Data from the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan. Includes catalog service, data archives, imaging services, and journals.

Contains astronomy data, news, images, information, and downloads.

Byte-O-Matic.NET Astronomical Information Archive
Offers information services, and archiving of various astronomical issues.

CATS Database
An index to CATS (Catalogs suppoting system) data base. Astrophysical CATalogs support System. Contains list of catalogs, table of major radio catalogs, and search tool.

Top page of the DARTS, Data ARchive and Transmission System, developed and maintained by PLAIN center, ISAS. A database to provide access for general researchers to observation data about solar, astrophysics and terrestrial information derived by the observation satellites of ISAS. Includes related resource links.

MAST: Multimission Archive at STScI
The Multimission Archive at STScI (MAST). MAST supports a variety of astronomical data archives, with the primary focus on scientifically related data sets in the optical, ultraviolet, and near-infrared parts of the spectrum.

SAO Telescope Data Center
Creates, and maintains software to process and archive data from optical telescopes at the Oak Ridge Observatory in Harvard, Massachusetts, Whipple Observatory, and Multiple Mirror Telescope on Mt. Hopkins in Arizona. The Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) is part of the Harvard- Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Sloan Digital Sky Survey
Home page of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. A survey that maps one-quarter of the entire sky, determining the positions and absolute brightnesses of more than 100 million celestial objects.

Solar Data Analysis Centre
Contains solar data, and images. Includes SDAC Data-Finder, current solar images, and TRACE analysis guides.

The Aladin Sky Atlas
Provides an interactive sky atlas allowing users to visualize digitized images of any part of the sky. Includes astronomical catalogs, personal user data files, and interactive access to related data from the Simbad database, and Vizier service.

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