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Bioelectromagnetics Society
The Society promotes scientific study of the interaction of electromagnetic energy and acoustic energy with biological systems.

Electrophysiology and the Molecular Basis of Excitability
Programs for electrophysiology. Includes diffusion, membrane potentials, sodium and potassium channels, equivalent circuit of the axon, nerve voltage clamp, membrane and propagated action potentials. Simulations of ion channels and excitable membranes including diffusion, membrane potentials, nerve voltage clamp, and propagated action potentials.

European Biophysical Societies' Association
EBSA - European Biophysical Societies Association - European Biophysics Journal - Journal of the European Biophysical Societies Association, dedicated to the Science of Biophysics. Disseminates knowledge of the principles and applications of biophysics, and fosters the exchange of scientific information among European biophysicists.

iii21 SCESim
Single Channel Experiment Simulator is a program for simulation of biophysical experiments with clusters of ion channels.

International School on Magnetic Resonance and Brain Function
A course on NMR tools for the brain function investigation at the Univ. of Rome, Italy.

International Society for Electrical Bio-Impedance
ICPRBI ISEBI. Promotes research and development of electrical impedance measurements as a means of assessing normal and abnormal physiological states in medicine and biology.

International Union for Pure and Applied Biophysics
Established worldwide professional society based in England for all biophysics-related disiplines.

Society for Mathematical Biology
A forum for discussion of research in biology, mathematical-biology, and mathematics applied to or motivated by biology.

The Biophysical Society
A FASEB member and publisher of the "Biophysical Journal." Extensive resources include an online textbook, meetings, and career placement.

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