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Fabre, Jean-Henri Casimir ( 1823 - 1915 )
The life and the work of Jean-Henri Fabre, author of the Souvenirs entomologiques, Homer of insects and Poet of sciences. Gallery and E-Texts. The life and work of this entomologist. E-Texts and Gallery.

Galton, Francis: Pioneer of Heredity
A critical account of the nineteenth century scientist's work on genetics, evolution and biological statistics. Book written by Michael Bulmer, in PDF format.

Historica Botanica
Miscellany, reference information and research concerning the history of botany.

Jan Swammerdam
Describes the life and work of this 17th century Dutch microscopist.

Joseph Dalton Hooker
Site about the life and work of Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, botanist, explorer, plant collector and friend of Charles Darwin. Maintained by Dr Jim Endersby. A leading nineteenth century botanist, and close friend of Charles Darwin.

Robert Hooke
Robert Hooke - natural philosopher, inventor, architect; he deserves to be at least as well-regarded as his friend Wren or his enemy Newton. Site devoted to the life and work of Robert Hooke, one of the leading scientists of 17th century England, and first Curator of Experiments at the Royal Society.

The Discovery of the Cell
Development of the cell concept - a continuing journey of biological discovery. Searchable database containing key historical facts and information. The site is devoted to the history of the cell biology for the last 400 years.

The World of Richard Dawkins
The World of Zoologist Richard Dawkins. Biographical and research resource about the evolutionary biologist, including a schedule of events, list of publications, and other resources in evolution.

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