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Access Excellence
A great place for biology science teachers. Contains current science news items, teachers exchange, hundreds of science labs and educational resources.

Affliated Medical Services Laboratory, Inc.
AMS (Affliated Medical Services Laboratory, Inc.) is a regional clinical reference laboratory serving physicians, clinics, hospitals, government and industry. Specialties include cytology, microbiology, hematology, chemistry, drug screening and toxicology.

The aim of the site is to collect together all sources of information concerning archaea and extremophiles on the WWW.

CELLS Alive!
A visual, interactive tour of cells, bacteria, viruses and their inteaction. Good general microbiology information, with images and videos.

Lyme Disease Foundation
Includes details about the organization, diseases, ticks, education, journals, conferences, research, vaccines and personal stories. Offers upcoming events, news and a support group locator.
Microbiology information resources and links on microorganisms, bacteria, microbes, viruses, bacteriology, microbiology and virology by This site links to an enormous amount of microbiology articles and information.

Microbeworld: Your Gateway to the World of Microbes
MicrobeWorld explores the world of microbes with vivid images anddescriptions. Learn about microbiology, what microbiologists do, howthey do it, and current topics in the news. A place to view colorful images of microbes, read intriguing microbial facts and trivia, get educational resources and activities, and learn more about these fascinating microscopic creatures.

Contains visual and curricular resources of use to teachers of microbiology.

The Microbiology Network
The Microbiology Network serves as a communication resource for the microbiologist. The objective is to encourage communication within the biological community serving industry and regulatory concerns. Links to users' groups on the WWW, mail lists, forums, and file libraries. Major areas of interest are regulatory microbiology in the pharmaceutical, food, and personal care industries.

Virtual Museum of Bacteria
The Virtual Museum of Bacteria offers general and advanced bacteria information for the general public and researchers. This site has integrated hundreds of links to bacteria related resources for researchers and professional microbiologists. The museum provides information for the general public on all aspects of bacteria with integrated hyperlinks to >250 relevant sites. Annotated lists of links are also provided for professional microbiologists.

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