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Advanced Brain Monitoring
Develops portable brain monitoring devices that interpret the brain's electrical activity and identify levels of alertness or drowsiness, using patent-pending B-Alert software.

Behavioral Neuroscience
neuroscience behavioral neuroscience shirley buchanan thewatershipdown behavior brain learning pref. Memorial to Shirley L. Buchanan and her contribution to behavioral neuroscience research. Includes information about her and other associated scientists, particularly journal publications.

Innovators in digital EEG and MEG software for research and clinical applications.

Biophysics of Neuronal Computation
Fireworks Splice HTML. Using the detailed biophysics and microanatomy of cortical neurons to study their complexity from an information theory point of view - from the California Inst. of Technology.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the brain and the mind, but were afraid to ask.

BrainInfo: A Primate Brain Information System
BrainInfo is a portal to anatomical information about the brains of humans, monkeys, rats and mice; it is also a repository for extensive image data on the macaque brain. Extensive resource to belp site visitors identify structures in the brain. Provides information about each structure, including comparative neuroanatomy of primates and rodents.

Center for Consciousness Studies
Interdisciplinary program promoting open, scientifically rigorous discussions of all phenomena related to the mind. Includes course, conference and workshop listings - from the Univ. of Arizona.

Evogen LC
Gene, behavior, brain, Buddha, mind: Dr. Richard M. Lebovitz presents a compilation of current research on these topics. Lebovitz asks: Gene determined brain and behavior or the mind of the Buddha. Offering a compilation of current research on: genetics, brain and mind.

A practical guide to the art of microiontophoresis employed in neuroscience research.

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