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Abstract Database from Rapra
The Polymer Library - the world's largest plastics and rubber literature abstracts database resource. Find the information you need quickly and easily. Subscription based online library providing information to rubber, plastic, and polymer industries.

Analytical Science and Instruments Limited
Analytical Chemistry Science and Instrumentation. Providing information to the scientific community on all aspects of the analytical sciences in education, chemical suppliers, consultancies, instrumentation and research.

ChemBank - Initiative for Chemical Genetics, Boston, MA. Initiative for Chemical Genetics. Freely available collection of data about small molecules (over 2000 compounds) and resources for studying their properties, especially their effects on biology.

Find chemical products, suppliers and chemical manufacturers worldwide with OPD Search, the chemical buyers directory and searchable database. This leading online chemical directory and database provides international purchasing information for chemicals and chemical services, so if you're looking for suppliers or need to source products, start your search here. is produced by the publishers of Chemical Market Reporter, the weekly newspaper reporting the latest chemical business news. News, stock reports, products, directories, classifieds, and profiles of commercially available chemical products; focus reports;.

Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
ChemicalAbstracts Service, CAS, is the producer of Chemical Abstracts, SciFinder,SciFinder Scholar, and also operates STN International andthe web based STN Easy online searching services which provide access tochemical and scientific information from some 200 databasescovering topics such as chemistry, engineering, patents, medicineregulatory data and business. CAS also produces currentawareness publications, cd-rom, and software products such as STNExpress with Discover. CAS provides full customer trainingwith regularly scheduled workshops and user meetings throughout theworld. World's largest and most comprehensive chemical database with over 21 million document records and 37 million substances listed.

Online access to major chemical reference works from Chapman & Hall/CRC including Combined Chemical Dictionary (CCD), The Handbook of Chemistry & Physics, Polymers: A Property Database, Properties of Organic Compounds.

DDBST - Dortmund Data Bank and DDB Software Package
Database of thermodynamic and transport properties of pure components and mixtures for use in process design and development and related software package.

Engineering Chemistry Databases
The largest numeric database system in China for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical industries. Provides experimental data, reference information. Can also perform data estimation.

International spectroscopic data bank and archive project for spectroscopic and associated data, from peer reviewed publications, with link to the chemical abstracts register. Started on January 1st 2002, in Dortmund, Germany.
Search a database of 87,000 FTIR and Raman spectra using text or full spectral comparison. JAVA required.

Indiana University Molecular Structure Center
Small molecule database of structures that have primarily been determined using single crystal X-ray diffraction. Features JAVA applets that can be used to orient and examine the molecule, and a dedicated Beowulf computer system to generate high quality rendered images. Currently contains over 2,500 molecules.

MDLI Information Systems
MDL is the pioneering leader in discovery informatics for the life sciences and chemistry. We provide software, content, and services. Provider of chemical structural databases and information management software to the chemical, agrochemical, and pharmaceutical industry.

Nanogen Index 2
Offers a book containing data on over 3000 pesticides and other environmental contaminants.

Organic Syntheses
Free electronic version of printed Organic Syntheses series - detailed reliable experimental methods for the synthesis of organic compounds.

A free database of commercially available solvents searchable by many properties. Compiled by National Center for Manufacturing Sciences.

Provider of chemical compound library's for HTS in vials or plates.

SPRESIweb - InfoChem GmbH
The new SpresiWeb developed by InfoChem is an integrated scientific database containing over 4.5 million molecules, 3.5 million reactions, 380,000 references, 98,000 patents covering years 1974 - 1999.

WebReactions - Organic Reaction Retrieval System
Free reaction search system offering direct retrieval of reaction precedents. Search based on reaction types and bonding change.

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